Band Academy Singapore (BAS) is established by three distinguished Band Directors, Adrian Chiang, Joseph Teo, and Clive Choo, alongside Academy Manager Erica Goh. Located at Waterloo Centre in the heart of the Civic District, this team of four is dedicated to transforming the space into a vibrant hub for the progression of Wind Band music. Their focus extends beyond mere instruction, seeking to nurture musical talent and foster a culture of collaborative community involvement. Through these endeavours, BAS is enhancing individual skills and actively contributing to developing a robust and interconnected wind band community. This initiative reflects a more profound commitment to elevating the standards and appreciation of wind music in the broader musical landscape.

The Band Post speaks to BAS founders Adrian (AC), Joseph (JT) and Clive (CC) as they officially launch this year.

What inspired you all to set up BAS?

AC: Having been Wind Band Music Educators for many years and seeing how it has helped many of our students become more confident and competent, we genuinely believe that being part of an exciting wind band program can play an impactful role in one’s life. 

JT: Currently, “Band” as a CCA in schools is practically the most significant after-school activity across Singapore since there is a band in almost every educational institute. With a large community of band students in Singapore, we have seen a great interest in outside-school enrichment band activities, such as those organised by the Band Directors’ Association (Singapore) and Wind Band Association Singapore. At BAS, we strive to give our students an enhanced wind ensemble education outside their school programme and provide additional performance platforms to showcase their talents. 

CC: Parents often gravitate towards the piano or violin when considering music education for their children. This choice is entirely valid, but broadening the perspective to include wind instruments like the Clarinet or French Horn is essential. Opting for a wind instrument can integrate a child into a broader musical community in Singapore and globally. This approach diversifies their musical experience and connects them with a more extensive, supportive network of musicians.

AC: This was why we started BAS – to co-create Magical Musical Moments with musicians of all ages.

What are BAS’ goals and long-term plans?

AC: My goal in setting up BAS is to allow different community segments to play together in a wind band setting (I like to describe this as “Banding”) to inspire others, just like it has done for me. “Banding” with others in bands outside of school has expanded my network vastly and given me many exciting life experiences I would not otherwise have had.

CC: Wind bands have existed in Singapore since the ’60s, and we would also like to create a platform to allow ex-band members to rekindle their past love with their instrument in the band.   

JT: We will also be trying to reach out to more under-served communities, such as senior citizens looking to age actively and even children/youth with special needs. 

AC: Naturally, we hope to elevate the level of “Banding” in Singapore by having more people join this movement we are creating. 

What are some of the programmes offered by BAS?

Programmes offered by BAS include: 

  • ​Li’l Seeds & Beansprouts (Suitable for 3 to 8 year olds)

Tailored for complete beginners, the Li’l Seeds & Beansprouts programme aims to nurture young beginners towards having a positive learning experience with music and a solid foundational understanding of the fundamentals of music.

  • BAS Ensembles (Suitable for 9 to 18 year olds)

With the mission of nurturing our young band members from all walks of life, the BAS Ensemble programmes deliver the best of all-rounded music and band education to our young talents. Each semester will culminate in a performance.

  • Golden Winds

Concert band programme for ex-band members.

  • Drumstrong (Suitable for senior citizens above 65 years old)

Drumming to a great life! Discover the joy of drumming: A course for seniors.

What makes BAS unique?

BAS’s uniqueness stems from the combined expertise of three established Band Directors who oversee the academy’s music programmes. Coupled with its central location, accessible via four MRT lines, it is an ideal gathering place for band enthusiasts of various ages and backgrounds. BAS envisions being a welcoming space where members can come together to share and create what we call Magical Musical Moments. The blend of professional guidance and accessibility forms the core of BAS’s appeal, fostering a community-driven musical growth and enjoyment environment.

What are some programmes coming up this year?

We have some exciting opening promotions and activities in January 2024!

BAS Ensembles 

  • Tuning in Session on 20th January (Sign up link
  • Launch Exclusive: sign up for TWO terms at the price of ONE. (Register here)

Li’l Seeds & Beansprouts

  • Trial Class is happening on 7th January (Sign up link)
  • Launch Exclusive: sign up with a friend, and both will receive 50% off for the 1st term

Venue Rental

  • Write to us for special limited promo rates if you wish to rent our space for rehearsals, recitals, or other events until March 2024. (More information here)  


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