Raffles Winds – Alumni Band of the Raffles schools, present Coda XV: Revelry on 1 September, 7.30pm at the Victoria Concert Hall, the 15th instalment of its concert series, which also commemorates the RI Bicentennial.

Conducted by alumni conductors, Lee Jinjun and Darren Sng, Coda XV will also feature guest conductor Seow Yibin, who is currently the resident conductor of the RGS Symphonic Band.

“Being one of two music directors in the Raffles Winds has been an immense privilege! It brings me tremendous pride seeing our wind orchestra expand over the years, being a community for long-standing members as well as young talented musicians (some of whom have just finished school) to make friends,” music director Darren Sng said.

“It is also a joy to witness the ensemble grow in its musical capacity through time. The determination of our players who constantly strive for a high quality of playing gives the orchestra a positively feisty personality which is enjoyable to resonate off as a conductor, and is exhibited through our constantly developing sound and repertoire level.”

“We are privileged to be joined by guest conductor Seow Yibin this year as well, who will be leading us in Markowski’s Elixir and Mashima’s Gelato con Caffé at the concert,” Darren continued.

The theme of this year’s CODA is “Revelry“, which is synonymous with festivities and merrymaking.

This year, we celebrate the 15th instalment of CODA — a platform which brings together generations of alumni and friends of the Raffles community to make music together annually as a wind orchestra, as well as to pay tribute to our alma mater which has recently marked its 200th anniversary. Through our lively and groovy repertoire, we hope to share this joy, excitement and party spirit with our audience!” said Joyce, who is the concert chairperson.

Featuring familiar whimsical melodies, the band will take on a program of “Tangled”, “Disco Kid”, “Slava! A Political Overture” and “La Traviata”.

“Every piece in the concert contributes to the theme of Revelry in their own unique ways,” said alumni conductor Lee Jinjun.

“Slava! – A Political Overture accidentally became significant in the context of our concert now being polling day for Singapore’s presidential election. Bright Lights City Nights, is our very first foray into the music of Paul Hart…. and in line with Disney’s 100th anniversary, we’re also performing Tangled Medley, which will also greatly feature our alto and tenor saxophone soloists,” he continued.

“The party’s gonna get wild and we hope to see you there!”

Coda XV: Revelry
Friday, 1 September
Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30pm

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