Zelene Tan

Band Major
Queenstown Secondary School Concert Band (Questband)

As the band major of Questband, my band journey has been filled with a variety of emotions. I won’t sugarcoat things; my journey with this band has not been all sunshine and rainbows. However, with the help of our instructor, Mr Jack Lim, our band’s clinician, Mr Quek Boon Hui, our alumni, teachers, and our juniors’ never-ending encouragement and support, our band was able to push through this journey together.

I am Zelene, currently a Secondary 4 student, and I would like to share this intriguing and memorable experience I had with Questband.

My journey in Questband started when I first made the decision to partake in concert band as a CCA. I have always had a passion towards music and performing in front of rows of audiences, and I knew that being in a concert band CCA would most definitely fulfill those dreams of mine. The decision to attend the trials eventually came to me, helping me discover the alluring opportunities in this CCA. Looking at the rows of shiny instruments and mouthpieces, I could not help but imagine myself holding on to one of those instruments proudly. Thanks to this CCA, my dreams were able to come true.

Looking back, I still remember being assigned the clarinet as my instrument and not thinking much about it. This was ironic, as I didn’t know how much fun and memories being in this section would bring me. I will never forget how sincere and kind hearted my section mates were to me throughout my journey in Questband! Throughout this journey, my section mates have been nothing but supportive and considerate towards me. For instance, whenever I made a mistake during practice, my section mates would not shame me for it. They are very accepting and approachable, which is also what makes me mourn the day I step down and leave this CCA. They have been my pillar of support throughout this journey, and I am grateful to be part of this experience with them!

As a former quiet and shy member, I didn’t talk much, nor did I interact much with the people in my CCA other than my own section. However, as I slowly got to know my members through SYF 2021 and 2023, I was able to open up and perform to the best of my abilities on 12th April 2023, the date of our SYF. To this day, I am still shocked at how much I have overcome with my peers in Questband. Most importantly, I would have never been able to lead this band with the confidence and passion I have today without my instructor, Mr Jack Lim and the band’s faith in me. They believed in me and my abilities to be a good leader, guide, and role model for this band, allowing me to gain the confidence i needed to lead them. Seeing the members having fun during band and enjoying their time in CCA while being able to maintain our expectations of discipline is truly a wonderful sight for me as a leader.

Throughout my 2023 SYF journey with Questband, I was met with many challenges and obstacles. Not only did I find it difficult to manage my time while having three practices a week, but band also became mentally and physically draining for me. It was exhausting, as we had to constantly play and correct the parts we had so that they were flawless. However, we were constantly reminded of our goals and the band’s motto, “With passion, we can succeed!”, which eventually helped us overcome our fatigue. Additionally, my enthusiastic and energetic peers in band have never failed to make me feel determined to keep going!

Additionally, our friendly and approachable teachers were constantly checking on our well-being while taking care of our welfare. Without the reassurance of our teachers and alumni, we would have never been able to perform to the best of our abilities.

Lastly, my sincerest thanks go out to all Questband members and instructors; Mr Jack Lim, Mr Dennis Sim, Mr Wong Yin Xuan, Mr Philip Han, Mr Jason Han, as well as our band’s clinician, Mr Quek Boon Hui. Without our instructor’s knowledge and determination to help the band, we would’ve never reached the state we are in. We’ve come so far as a whole band, and that is due to everyone’s effort and hard work!

To be frank, my decision to commit to Questband wholeheartedly has really changed my life. Being a member and leader in Questband during this SYF journey has taught me many life lessons, such as perseverance, teamwork, and to always aim for the best. Additionally, our instructor, Mr Jack Lim, has always stressed the significance of character and having the right morals in life. I am grateful to be part of this journey, and I thank everyone who has been there for me throughout this tough journey! Once again, this has been a wonderful journey, and this band will always be engraved in my memories.