Faith Chong

Flautist & Band Major
Hougang Secondary Symphonic Band

My band journey has been one of the best experiences in my life ever. I have not only learned a new instrument but also forged close bonds with my band members. I am glad to be able to end off my CCA journey on a high note with SYF 2021.

Back in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and the number of band practices were greatly reduced, leading to insufficient practices for SYF. However, with great determination and grit, the band worked hard to perfect our playing skills, intonation and articulation.

Although we could hardly practice on our instruments, we managed to improve on our sight reading and theory. We also had to put our ingenuity into practice by coming up with Kahoot and Quizlet games to test and revise music theory.

In the days leading up to SYF, we practiced harder than ever and before we knew it, it was the day of our SYF. I remember being nervous but yet excited to take part in my last SYF. Although we did not manage to get Distinction, I am still proud of my band and the hardwork we put in despite the pandemic situation.

It has been an amazing journey with my band and I am glad I had the chance to lead as Band Major. To be honest it was tough to lead as I was new to the role, but after some time I managed to lead the band with greater confidence. This was only possible by going through thick and thin with my band members to gain trust and respect.

Stepping down from band was one of the saddest moments of my band memories as I will miss the conductors, my instrument and most importantly my amazing band members. I will definitely miss the VIA sessions and our band performances, but I am eternally grateful for having been given a chance to be part of band.

I learned from band that we should never give up easily, and we have to learn to work with all band members. Communicating and understanding each other from different perspectives are key to strong teamwork in band; without which, the dream cannot work!

I am glad I chose band as my CCA and I’ll never forget this fantastic experience I had!