Clarice Sim Zhi Yu

Trumpet Section Leader 2018-2019
Pei Hwa Secondary School Symphonic Band

My band journey started in 2016. After going for the Sec 1 CCA trials, I decided it this was what I wanted to do for the next 4 years as I loved music.

This particular SYF journey has been the most memorable one. With our current resident conductor, Mr Joseph Chong, we were able to surpass our own expectations as a band. Despite not getting the results we hoped for, I am still very proud of our progress. Throughout my 4 years in band, the one and a half year spent with Mr Joseph really made me realise what our band can sound like. With him, we were able to achieve so much more. This journey has taught me to be resilient, diligent and also equipped me with necessary leadership skills.

As the trumpet section leader, I really felt that I learned and grew as a person while helping my section mates. Seeing them grow alongside with the band makes me feel very proud and I am confident that they will continue growing! Unlike the previous SYF, this one was really different. In the sense that for once, I felt that everyone had a common goal and we, together as a band, are working towards the same thing. For the previous SYF back in 2017, we did desire distinction but the desire wasn’t as strong as the one I felt just recently.

In this SYF, I felt that I had the time of my life on stage. I could hear everyone’s beautiful melodies and everything just seemed so clear to me. At that point of time after we went off the stage I felt that it’s okay, even if we don’t achieve the results we want. I knew that we had played to the best of our abilities and if that isn’t enough then it meant we should work even harder.

I would sincerely like to thank Mr Joseph Chong, Mr Teo Kay Min, Mr Lucas Teo, my band teachers and of course, the entire band. Without our conductors, our band wouldn’t be where we are today. Apart from music, our conductors have also managed to instill values in us and taught us lessons that would shape us as a person. Our band teachers have also put in their best effort into helping us! They are constantly encouraging us, taking care of us and most importantly, opening the band room for us when we request for additional self-practices!

Without my friends in band, I wouldn’t be who I am today. It has been a roller coaster ride with my batch of band friends, but it was thanks to them that I enjoyed coming for band so much. They are the reason why I’ve been constantly attending concerts, and the reason why I pushed myself so much. Lastly, the entire band has made me really come to love band a lot more and I am really thankful because I would’ve never expected myself to be this attached to band.

I will never stop my musical journey and I personally aspire to go way further. I have decided that I won’t stop this journey just yet! With this, I would like to leave some words of encouragement to all the band people out there!

My band teacher once said, ‘We make music as a family, not as an individual’. I feel that it is important to take note of this as everyone in the band grows at different paces, and some might fare better than others. However, together as a family, we’ll be able to overcome all the challenges we’re faced with, and we’ll definitely meet our goal. It is equally important to practice our parts on our own, and also help others to play to the best of their abilities. Without the act of helping others, I don’t think that our band will be where we are today.