Tan Jia Xuan

Percussion Section Leader
Uniform Officer 2018-2019
Pei Hwa Secondary School Symphonic Band

I have never expected myself to grow such a strong passion for band when I joined in 2016. It was just a CCA to spend my 4 years in and a platform to gain my bonus points for the O levels. However, throughout the 4 years, I found myself being more and more passionate in the band.

It was definitely a tough journey in band, joining the percussion section without any percussion experience, having a batch-mate playing way better than me back in Secondary 1. I had difficulties trying to match up to him and was on the verge of giving up and quitting band.

However, I persevered and continued in band, hoping that I would play as well as him one day. Through the help of my conductor’s constant guidance and seniors’ help, I finally achieved it.

In my leadership journey in band, I learnt to speak up, lead and taking more initiatives to help my section and the band.

At the beginning of SYF journey 2019, the band was not very driven to practice and improve on our playing skills, and needed the constant guidance from our resident conductor, Mr Joseph Chong. The seniors really felt helpless on how to help their juniors and improve on how the band sounded.

However, due to our teacher in charge’s constant encouragement, the band managed to improve our music tremendously. Although we didn’t manage to clinch a distinction this year, I felt happy and grateful that the band grew together and enjoyed the process. The band has learned Resilience, Trust, Responsibility and Teamwork throughout the preparation for the SYF as we learned to work together as a band, trusting the person beside you and not giving up at odds.

In my section, we shared a lot of memorable memories such as having section lunch together. I could really feel the family spirit within the section. Being the section leader, I can’t help but to say I’m really proud of each and everyone as I had seen them grow since they were Sec 1. They have put in a lot of efforts into their music and discipline.

From young, my parents taught me that we have to appreciate every help given to me. A million thanks to our Percussion tutor, Ms Sng for giving us the last push for SYF. Also, to our conductors, Mr Joseph Chong, Mr Kay Min Teo and Mr Teo Sin Hua – without their support, I strongly think that our band wouldn’t have reach where we are today.

I truly appreciate all the friends that I met in band, all the memories forged are one of the best in my Secondary school life. Last but not the least, thanks to our teachers-in-charge for helping us to open the music room when we wanted extra sectionals on non-band days. On the SYF day, they bought vitamin C tablets to boost our confidence and wished us all the best. I would never forget their kindness.

I’m sure that my band journey will not end here, I will continue to pursue music when I further my studies in Tertiary colleges.

Before ending my article, I would like to leave this quote, “The Best Is Yet To Be”. Continue to improve and strive for the very best, my bandies 🙂

Signing off,
Jiaxuan 🙂