Ezra Phan

Millennia Institute Band

The 2019 SYF journey was certainly a humbling and fulfilling experience for Millennia Institute Band.

It was the first time in a long while that Millennia Institute Band has gotten a Certificate Of Accomplishment for SYF and we hope that we have done the school proud this year.

During this SYF journey, the band faced many challenges with the number of players along with tackling the difficult set piece.

The band is also grateful of the extra help provided by students who are not in the band CCA but still spent their precious time supporting us through their playing.

With a phrase from the school’s song of “our spirit will never falter” in our mind, we continued to persevere and give our very best despite the many setbacks faced.

After 2 months of struggling, even though we did not achieve what we aimed for, I am still proud of the efforts that the band members put in and we are all looking forward to better improve our playing in the future and will continue to aim higher in all that we do. We hope that Millennia Institute Band would continue to strive in embodying our school’s mission; Nature Talents, Achieve Success.

Last but not least, the band would also like to thanks our band teachers, conductor and tutors whom have helped support and push us on during this SYF journey and made all that we have achieved up till now possible.