Adelle Chan Chia

Drum Major
Junyuan Symphonic Band

It would be an understatement to say that band is just a CCA. Band is a big family, a platform we get to form new relationships in and a place we get to learn and grow as one.

In this year’s SYF Arts Presentation, we have achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment. To others, it may not seem like a difficult task to perform. However, I can vouch that Junyuan Symphonic Band has definitely proved the saying, ‘Failure is the mother of success’ right this SYF.

Two years back, our band achieved a Certificate of Commendation in SYF AP 2017. Our band has worked through blood, sweat and tears to stand at where we are today. As a band, we have fallen and risen. Our previous setback has been the ultimate motivation that drove us to work and perform to reach our very best potential this time.

When I first joined band, I was just like any other student who was freshly recruited into the CCA. I was confused, and not very excited about band as it was actually not my first CCA choice. However, with the positive energy all the seniors and cohort mates have provided, I started to grow a fondness for band. I picked up the flute quickly and learned many skills from the conductors, teachers and tutors.

In Secondary two, I started to progress even more and started having flute lessons outside of band. The new batch of juniors started to come in and I was given many opportunities to lead them in note reading and efficient practices. 

The following year, I was elected to be the Drum Major. I was elated to be given such a prestigious role in the band, and was ready to share even more fruitful experiences with my bandmates and pass on the amazing culture we had to the future generations of ‘bandies’. Together with my Band Major and Exco members, we led the band to greater heights, from a Commendation in SYF AP 2017 to an Accomplishment in SYF AP 2019.

It has definitely been extremely stressful, but it was really, really worth it. Months and months of not being able to play up to our expectations has made us feel very demoralised. However, with the consistent peer support and encouragement from teachers and conductors, the band pressed on and improved tremendously. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces when the results were announced reminded me that all of our efforts had paid off, and that we can become even better in the near future. I was extremely touched that the band has come together as one and willingly attended every single practice in order to improve as one. Even when extra practices were initiated, everyone put in their best efforts to show up.

Throughout my band journey, I understood the true meaning behind our motto, ‘One Band, One Sound’ more and more each year. Band is not a one-man show – I have to commit to practices and perform with many other members to learn and make music together.

I would like to personally thank our dear conductor, Mr Wong Yew Hon. He has taught not just me, but the band many different skills. Skills that are not just in music, but how to groom ourselves to become better people. I have learned the importance of leadership and how to execute plans efficiently for band practices. These skills are life-long and I will be carrying them with me into the future. 

As for now, I am still very in touch with music though. I took my ABRSM Grade 4 Flute examination in August last year, and ABRSM Grade 6 Piano examination earlier this year in March. I’ve now temporarily stopped lessons to focus on my GCE ‘O’ Level examinations.

I will continue to learn more about the two wonderful instruments when I’m done and dusted with my exams. Thanks to band, I’m able to explore deeper about music, and improve myself to become an even better musician.