Bo Seong Kim

Anglo Chinese School Independent Wind Ensemble

A group of items viewed as a whole rather than individually.

2014. That was when I first started on what would become a wild journey as a student musician. I would never have imagined that 5 years later, the same group of silly friends that I met on day 1 would be together still, alongside people who joined the family in 2018.

This 2019 SYF journey was characterized by a burning desire to work as one, and the magical 15 minutes we had produced on stage was not the solo work of any one player, but rather the 100% efforts of all 39 members in the Ensemble.

Juggling the commitments of school and band required the strongest of wills, and mistakes were definitely made. As the president, I could not have been prouder to see that these mistakes were seen only as opportunities to improve.

Our choice-piece, The Polotsvian Dances, pushed us to our limits and made us realize how much we are really capable of. There was so much trust built between sections that when everyone was focused, there were moments on stage that I truly felt connected by music. This performance was also an opportunity to show others an interpretation that was for a large part, actually created by our members.

We are grateful to have been supported by the school and a wonderful team of teachers. We are also grateful for the guidance of our music director, Mr. Francis Tan. Lastly, we are grateful for God, for without whom, none of this would have been possible.

To God be the Glory, the best is yet to be.