Wind Band Music

This is an ongoing collection of original wind band compositions by Singaporean composers. To update the list, kindly email us at

11 177155 4 (I MISS U)Zechariah Goh Toh Chai
2A Glance Upon the Silver RiverDerek Oh
3A Heroine's LegacyTerrence Wong
4A Journey Through TimeTerrence Wong
5An Imaginary SoundtrackGu Wei
6AnewLee Jia Yi
7As The Moon WhispersBenjamin Yeo
8At the Break of GondwanaBenjamin Yeo
9Autumnal FireworksLee Jin Jun
10Bach to The BeatBenjamin Yeo
11Battle of Opium HillTerrence Wong
12Battle of the HousesTerrence Wong
13Beyond The HighlandsBenjamin Yeo
14Blue HorizonsKelly Tang
15Bukit Ho SweeGu Wei
16Carnival - Fiesta Del SolEric Watson
17CelebrationZechariah Goh Toh Chai
18Chopsuey! (Scherzo for Clarinet & Wind Ensemble)Benjamin Yeo
19ChronometerDarren Sng
20City of Dreams (Symphonic Suite for Wind Orchestra)Benjamin Yeo
21Concert March - SamarkandEric Watson
22Concertino for Euphonium (Solo euphonium and Symphonic Band)Lee Jin Jun
23Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Wind EnsembleZechariah Goh Toh Chai
24Concerto for Marimba and Wind EnsembleZechariah Goh Toh Chai
25Concerto for Vibraphone++ and Wind EnsembleZechariah Goh Toh Chai
26Dances in FlightLee Jin Jun
27Dare to DreamJohnson Lee
28Daybreak & SunriseLeong Yoon Pin
29DecadeWong Kah Chun
30DecathlonKelly Tang
31Dialogue for Tabla and Symphonic BandEric Watson
32Diverse[city]Emily Koh
33Eagle's FanfareWong Kah Chun
34EmergenceGu Wei
35EnigmaDanial Ariffin Azman
36Escape VelocityKelly Tang
37Exuberante! (Concert March)Benjamin Yeo
38Festival on EarthLee Jin Jun
39Festive MarchChristine Lim
40Flight: Adventure in the SkyBenjamin Yeo
41Force 136Terrence Wong
42FoundationTerrence Wong
43Funga Alafia! (An African Traditional Folk Song)Benjamin Yeo
44Future of TomorrowBenjamin Yeo
45Gaia's Wrath (MVT 3 of Vox Stellarum Symphony)Wong Kah Chun
46Gavotte from Two Constracts for Concert BandKelly Tang
47Giocoso Largamente from Second SymphonyLeong Yoon Pin
48Going HomeLee Jin Jun
49Hanging GardensRobert Casteels
50Highlandler Overture for Symphonic BandKelly Tang
51Holler Across the HollerRobert Casteels
52Homemade Recipe: Nasi UlamEmily Koh
53Invariance?Darren Sng
54Invigorate!Terrence Wong
55Journey's End (MVT 4 of Vox Stellarum Symphony)Wong Kah Chun
56Jubilance (Overture for a Celebration)Benjamin Yeo
57Keppel HarbourTerrence Wong
58KrakatoaWong Kah Chun
59L.K.Y. - LegacyZechariah Goh Toh Chai
60Le Rue Montorgueill in ParisLee Jin Jun
61Legend of the Ancient Hero (Fantasy for Band)Benjamin Yeo
62Legend Of The Lunar ValentineWong Kah Chun
63Lonely WinterLee Jin Jun
64Ludus TonalisRobert Casteels
65Malay DancesPeter Bruce Gale
66Malay Folk Song MarchWong Kah Chun
67March "Right Foot First"Lee Jin Jun
68March 'Joyous Harmony'Dax Wilson
69March of the FutureWong Kah Chun
70March-InZechariah Goh Toh Chai
71May You Achieve Happiness, Fantasy on "Semoga Bahagia"Mohd Rasull
72Meditation under the Midnight SunGu Wei
73Mistri's TributeTerrence Wong
74MonsoonTerrence Wong
75OboitokeWong Kah Chun
76Ode to the ForgottenGu Wei
77Operas on ParadeLee Jin Jun
78Operation ZeroWong Kah Chun
79Overture No. 1 for Wind BandKelly Tang
80Overture No. 2 for Wind BandKelly Tang
81Overture To Vox Stellarum (MVT 1 of Vox Stellarum Symphony)Wong Kah Chun
82Party in SpaceLee Jin Jun
83Pecos PeubloWong Kah Chun
84PerayaanHo Chee Kong
85Phoenix OvertureBenjamin Yeo
86Plateau de Valensole: Landscape of DreamsDax Wilson
87Playday!Benjamin Yeo
88Quest to the SummitBenjamin Yeo
89Quintillusion (A Symphonic Fanfare for Wind Orchestra)Benjamin Yeo
90Redhill: A Symphonic Folklore for Wind OrchestraBenjamin Yeo
91Rhythm of the CityWang Chenwei
92Sang NilaZechariah Goh Toh Chai
93Sarabande from Two Contrasts for Concert BandKelly Tang
94Seafront MarchJoseph Lim
95Silver Light!Benjamin Yeo
96Sing!Lee Jin Jun
97Singapore Folk Song SuiteZechariah Goh Toh Chai
98Starry NightLee Jin Jun
99Sunny IslandWong Kah Chun
100Symphonic Prelude (Fanfare for a Sesquicentennial Celebration)Benjamin Yeo
101Symphonies on ParadeLee Jin Jun
102Symphony BombastiqueZechariah Goh Toh Chai
103Symphony No. 2Robert Casteels
104Takeda Lullaby (A Japanese Folk Song Setting for Wind BandBenjamin Yeo
105The Bells of Big BenWong Kah Chun
106The Fall, and HopeTerrence Wong
107The Gift of Friendship (Ballad from the Heart)Benjamin Yeo
108The JubilationMatthias Oh
109The Little Red SquirrelJoseph Lim
110The PrayerDanial Ariffin Azman
111The Wild of HeartBertram Wee
112There is No Date Tree on the Maroon SkyLee Kah Hong Bernard
113Three Portraits for Symphonic BandKelly Tang
114To VictoryPeter Bruce Gale
115Toward DawnChen Zhangyi
116Train to BishanTerrence Wong
117Type 13Chua Si Min
118Variations on "Chan Mali Chan" (Trumpet / Euphonium and Band)Lee Jin Jun
119Vox Stellarum Symphony (Complete)Wong Kah Chun
120Voyage to The End of the Earth (A Miniature Tone Poem for Band)Benjamin Yeo
121Wang Jiang Nan for Yangin, Winds and Percussion EnsemblePhoon Yew Tien
122Warrior's Dream (MVT 2 of Vox Stellarum Symphony)Wong Kah Chun
123What Does the Future Hold?Lee Jin Jun
124With Glory and HonourTerrence Wong

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