Saturday, 25 March 2023
Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30pm

$23, Available here

SMU Symphonia is back with its annual flagship production, Festiva! Come and celebrate Symphonia’s victorious 20th anniversary with us!

This year’s Festiva coincides with Symphonia’s 20th anniversary. This year’s theme is Ad Victoriam, also known as To/For Victory, where we celebrate all our achievements in our 20-year journey as One Symphonia. It’ll be a night full of joy and celebration where you can look forward to popular tunes such as Beethoven’s Symphony No.5, With Heart and Voice, Jupiter and many more!

The band is also selling limited edition merch specially designed for its 20th anniversary!
Click here to purchase today! Pre-orders close on 17th March 2359, but there will be on site sales happening from 6:20pm outside the concert hall!

Established in 2003, SMU Symphonia has grown into a full-fledged wind and strings symphonic group where we engage in various music genres and art forms. We pride ourselves as music enthusiasts who strive to emulate the values of Music, Friends, and Fun through our annual productions. We operate under the guidance of our resident conductor, Mr Adrian Chiang.

To date, SMU Symphonia has performed in a wide range of performances ranging from university-wide events such as SMU Annual Arts Festival, SMU Patron’s Day, and SMU Open House, to external gigs with various external parties such as NParks. The band performed Photosymphony at the Botanic Gardens in 2019 to monumental success. Our first online production Homebound was a part of SMU Arts Festival 2020, winning People’s Choice Award. Meanwhile, Festiva XIV’s rehearsals, recordings, and post-productions were carried out completely online, and to date has garnered 2.5k views. SMU Symphonia’s SMOOJazz production in Arts Fest 2021 also won Best Marketing and Director’s Pick. In 2022, the band made a comeback with a live performance in our flagship series Festiva XV: Cultural Extravaganza and our signature winds series Grandioso III.

SMU Symphonia has travelled to countries like Australia in 2007 & 2009, and Vienna in 2013 to compete in various international band competitions. In 2018, the club journeyed to Japan to attend the 20th Conference of the Asia Pacific Band Directors’ Associations where we performed alongside bands from Korea, Australia, and many more. Aside from that, SMU Symphonia also hosts our own concerts, including our annual concert Festiva, and internal events within SMU, such as Grandioso.

SMU Symphonia’s continual pursuit of excellence in music is not confined to concerts and competitions; the club believes in sharing the joy of making music, emulating our values of Music, Friends, and Fun with community performances such as the Commonwealth Science Conference 2017 at Istana, and collaborations with sister universities in Singapore like the SMU x SUTD Alma Mater Strings Concert in 2021.

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