Friday, 23 December 2022
Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30pm

$35, Available here

Kids’ Philharmonic Orchestra’s 10 Year Anniversary Concert is both a celebration and reflection. KPO has fostered and brought together some of the most talented young musicians in the country over the past decade. Encouraging growth, discipline, and tenacity, the organization’s students have gone on to feature in numerous international competitions. The orchestra has made several international tours and exchanges in order to spread the message of how enthusiastic Singapore’s youth are about classical music.

In this concert, KPO will again be spearheading Singapore’s young classical music scene by featuring Singapore’s most promising local prodigies. Nathanael Koh is the young composition student of one of Singapore’s most prominent pioneer composers: Phoon Yew Tien. By featuring Nathanael’s music, we are continuing the heritage of homegrown classical composition established during the founding of our nation, and ensuring the continuation of our nation’s musical legacy.

In addition to featuring new Singaporean music, KPO will be bringing on 3 of Singapore’s youngest and most eminent classical performers: Chloe Chua, Toby Tan, and Liu Jiaqi to perform with our orchestra. Between the 3 of them, there are dozens of international competition wins and honours. Featuring these 3 artists together is a true show of prowess, skill, and confidence in Singapore’s musical future. This concert will serve not just as a celebration, but proof of a thriving and bright future ahead for Singapore’s classical music traditions.

Guest Artist – Chloe Chua

Chloe Chua shot to international stardom after winning the joint 1st Prize at the 2018 Yehudi Menuhin International Competition for Young Violinists. For the 2022/23 season, Chloe has been named Artist-In-Residence at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Apart from playing a number of concerts and recordings with the SSO, Chloe has also been invited to perform overseas.

She performs on a Peter Guarneri, Venice 1729, on generous loan from the Rin Collection.

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