Monday, 17 October 2022
The Republic Cultural Centre Theatre, 8pm

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More than just a village, the Malay word, Kampong is synonymous to a community where its heart speaks of family, simplicity, and a sense of belonging. Featuring RP Dikir Barat and RP Gamelan Naga Kencana, Symphonie De République XIV: Our Kampong Spirit is RP Wind Symphony’s musical exploration of what makes a kampong.


Projection of Gratitude | Marcus Ching
Future of Tomorrow | Benjamin Yeo
Zapin from Suite of Malay Dances | Syawaludin Kassim
Dikir Puteri | arr. Syawaludin Kassim
Postcard from Singapore | Philip Sparke
Interplay for Band | Stephan Hodel
A Mother of A Revolution | Omar Thomas
Mare Tenebrosum | Jose Ignacio Blesa Lull|
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas | Eric Withacre

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