Tuesday, 3 May 2022
Victoria Concert Hall, 5pm

$58, $38, $28
Available from here

Wayfarer Sinfonietta
Lien Boon Hua

Joyce Lee Tung
Teng Xiang Ting

“So choose and speak for me, ye memories, and at least give me some reflection of my life before it sinks into the dark!” -Stefan Zweig, The World of Yesteryear

A century that began with the promise of hope, that 50 years later left in its wake the devastated dreams of millions. Two world wars, countless revolutions and genocide separate the works of the young Alban Berg and Anton Webern with the late works of Richard Strauss: the former glistening with possibility and the virility of youth – the latter, resigned to searching for the residual joys that tether us to this world.

In the Wayfarer Sinfonietta’s second concert experience, the ensemble presents early works by the revolutionary Second Viennese School, with Webern’s Passacaglia and Berg’s 7 Early Songs. These are juxtaposed against late works by Richard Strauss with selections from Arabella and Capriccio, culminating in his great 4 Last Songs. Led by music director Lien Boon Hua and featuring sopranos Joyce Lee Tung and Teng Xiang Ting, with direction by Tang Xinxin, Lost Dreams is an ode to loss and joy in the face of a changing world.

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