Band of Bukit Batok Community Club – West Winds, presents their annual concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall this Saturday.

“The preparation for the concert has been affected deeply, especially with our members getting COVID, and the need to manage the SMM rules to ensure practices can carry on at reduced band sizes,” Chairman James Chua said.

“With the SMM easing up, this concert marks our movement to plan more concerts, performances as well as new projects to work with the community.”

Conducted by ME6 Philip Tng and Mr Francis Tan respectively, the 3pm and 7.30pm shows will see the band perform an eclectic selection of band compositions that includes ‘Where Dreams Are Born’ by Daisuke Shimizu, ‘Jalan-Jalan’ by Shin’ya Takahashi, ‘Give Us This Day’ by David Maslanka and ‘Art In The Park’ by Robert Sheldon.

“The wind band world was very much affected by the COVID situation for the past two years. Masked on restrictions have prevented all wind bands in Singapore from conducting their rehearsals,” Music Director ME6 Philip Tng highlighted.

“These two concerts by West Winds mark the start of the endemic phase. Entitled – Where Dreams Are Born, and Give Us this Day, it is hoped that we have all withstood the pandemic and have emerged stronger than before; with many more dreams born and taking each day ahead to fulfil them.”

“I hope you can come and support our musicians at the concert!”


Written By Editor

A contributing editor at TBP.