Saturday, 2 April 2022
Esplanade Concourse, 7pm


This show presents music using a tuning system, which uses 31 notes as opposed to the conventional 12-note system. BRAM will be presenting compositions that make use of new sounds available in this new system, as well as works that emulate the sounds from the Black-American music tradition, including genres such as jazz and funk. The audience can expect a mix of fresh and familiar sounds presented in a new way.

About Bryan De Rozario

Bryan De Rozario is currently doing his degree in Jazz Performance at LASALLE College of the Arts studying under the guitarist Andrew Lim. His music education started when he was nine years old, studying bass guitar under Din Safari. He first picked up the saxophone in secondary school when he joined his school band. He then discovered jazz when he joined the Singapore Polytechnic Jazz Band, where he studied under Joshua Wan.

Bryan has been fortunate to perform at many great venues with Jazz Association of Singapore Orchestra (JASSO). He performed with them at the London International Jazz Festival in 2017 and at the Bangkok International Jazz Festival in 2019. Aside from performing with JASSO, Bryan was part of the band The Warriors, led by indie artist Tim De Cotta, playing for various festivals such as the Getai Soul Festival in 2015 and the Singapore International Jazz Festival in 2016. Bryan has also ventured into other genres. He was a member of the heavy metal/math Rock band, T-REX. The band recorded an EP in 2017, which debuted at Laneway Festival that same year.

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A contributing editor at TBP.