Saturday, 19 March 2022
SOTA Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Tickets: $25
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This concert “鳴呼Ah!”, as presented by the OBOG Wind Symphony, seeks to guide the audience through a journey full of formidable challenges. Perhaps more so in recent times, life has presented many of us with hardships, often putting us in difficult situations. Regardless of this, as a community we continue to find new ways to triumph over adversity, growing stronger in the process thanks to our perseverance and tenacity.

Our repertoire seeks to reflect this duality, featuring plaintive, melancholic pieces juxtaposed against cheerful, boisterous ones. Through our music, we present dreams for a better future, a musing that is surely shared by many. We invite you to join us as we march on with hearts full of hope and determination!

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Blue Sky and Sunshine / Toshihiro Fujishiro
Sonata Classica / Yasuhide Ito
3 Preludes / Sawako Yamazato
Ah! / Bin Kaneda
Illyrian Dances / Guy Woolfenden
Colonial Song / Percy Grainger
Divertimento for Band / Bin Kaneda
Tristeza / Toshio Mashima
Takarajima / Toshio Mashima

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