The Philharmonic Youth Winds takes to the stage tonight in a sold out concert at the Victoria Concert Hall.

Titled G.A.M.E, “Games. Anime. Movies. Entertainment“, this concert marks the band’s first live performance in almost two years since the pandemic began.

“Before the pandemic hit us, we were planning a series of concerts for 2020 and 2021. However, the pandemic has caused us to stall our plans. Our musicians were looking forward to relaxing of restrictions and returning on stage. Even when we were doing digital presentations, our musicians readily agreed to do it even though it was not the best of circumstances,” said Edwin Ang, President of the Philharmonic Youth Winds (PY).

Despite the restrictions of only allowing 20 unmasked musicians on stage, the band saw an oversubscription of musicians who wanted to play for the concert.

“It was painful for us to limit the number of musicians per section and we would have loved for everyone to be on stage together to make music. Despite so, those who are not on stage with us today understood the difficulties due to the restrictions.”

“Many groups, including us, turned to digital presentation via social media platforms during the last two years continue presenting music to our audiences. However, the camaraderie of a live wind band is difficult to replicate through such means. As such, with the easing of restrictions, we thought it was important for us to do a live concert as music is always best felt live,” Edwin highlighted.

In the past few weeks, the band had to ensure its members strictly adhere to the safe management measurements (SMM), in order to participate actively in the rehearsals leading up to tonight’s concert.

“All our musicians were very cooperative and understood the limitations we are facing. All of us were willing to make adjustments and compromise to ensure that the concert preparation went as smoothly as possible.”

“For example, everyone was ready to cover a missing instrument due to limitation of unmasked musicians as well as communicate what parts needed to be covered to ensure the music performed still held the essence of what was intended,” Edwin added.

Audiences will be treated to tunes from Super Mario, Pokemon and Digimon, as well as soundtracks from Harry Potter and anime from Studio Ghibli. Music from current hot favourites such as Genshin Impact and Squid Game, will also be performed.

“Preparing for this concert was especially special for us as this is the first time we have come back together as a band after a hiatus of so many months. It was definitely great also seeing all the old faces and members who have stayed with Phil Youth all these years, jumping to our call of playing for this concert,” said PY conductor Adrian Chiang.

“These are just special moments that will remain dear in our hearts.”


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A contributing editor at TBP.