Commissioned by Alvin Seville Arumugam, music director of Musicians’ Initiative, TEH Trio will perform ‘Concertan-TEH!‘, a new work by its horn player Alexander Oon, tonight at the Esplanade.

“This is definitely an experience that any musical group could wish for, to have a concerto written specially for their combination of instruments. Alvin approached us with this commission idea as he was intrigued by the arrangements of our music video covers on YouTube and wanted to expand on it,” Alexander said.

‘Concertan-TEH!’ is inspired by the trio’s music influences, such as Victor Borge, Mnozil Brass and the Blue Man Group, whose elements can be found in the work, along with the trio’s own twists and storylines.

“Our YouTube videos definitely played a vital role in our creative style, as we actively engage comedic elements in our performances, which we feel add entertainment value. This work is no different as it is just a live version of these musical-comical performances we create.

The rest of the work comes from the urge to present brass instruments in a different light, playing to the strengths of the TEH Trio’s technicality and artistry.”

Apart from this performance tonight, the TEH Trio has planned some exciting projects for the near future, both live and on screen.

“One of such project involves us flipping some TEH-bles! If that’s something you’d like to see, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss the announcement!”

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Monday, 10 May
Esplanade Recital Studio, 6pm & 8.30pm (Fully Sold Out)


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