The Philharmonic Winds is calling for submissions of ensemble music (for concert band members).

You could be helping many secondary school wind band students expand their repertoire of ensemble music, especially during these trying times of a pandemic, where students are only allowed to play in small ensemble groups with limited available music that is within their abilities.

Musicians from The Philharmonic Winds and The Philharmonic Youth Winds will rehearse the shortlisted compositions and put up a sample recording onto their social media platforms, with direct credits to you.

Interested parties (such as schools or individuals) who like your composition can contact you directly to purchase your music.

Composition Details:

  • Size of ensemble can range from three to eight people (eg. Trio to Octet)
  • Duration of music should be between three and six minutes
  • Level of difficulty should be suitable for Secondary School students’ ability

How to submit:

Send your compositions to
Do include your full name and description/story behind your compositions (if any).

If you already have a ready piece just waiting to be played, send your works before 31st May.
Selected works will be shortlisted and recorded in June for the first phase of their release.

Need time to work on your ideas? Take your time to do so, and send your works by 30th June.


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A contributing editor at TBP.