Comprised of contemporary dancer Valerie Lim and classical saxophonist Michellina Chan, plastiCITY presents a site-sensitive interdisciplinary performance walk where audiences are invited to participate with pieces of plastic to create a complex soundscape.

The duo first met when they studied together at Crescent Girls’ School (Singapore), and they now find themselves challenging not only gravity but also the conception of audiences towards classical contemporary music and dance.

“Since our conception in 2015, we have been creating performances that challenges the public’s conception of both dance and music. This time, we took on the challenge of interpreting the word <<plasticity>> in our performance. We worked intensively in close proximity without any lines, where during the creative process I could add to the choreography and Valerie could contribute to the music. We were both prepared to dive into the other’s world of art and to push the limits of plasiticity! You can look forward to seeing partnering moves as well as the body and plastic being used as an instrument,” said Michellina.

The performance is part of National Arts Council Singapore (NAC)‘s initiative ‘Got to Move (GTM)‘, a nationwide dance movement that celebrates the diversity of dance in Singapore in hopes to ignite Singaporeans’ interest in dance and deepen their appreciation of the art form.

“This is definitely one of the more out-there performances any of us have done in public! Snaking and whizzing through all kind of audiences was a highlight last Saturday – we played to young families, big families, couples, tourists, the elderly, people running the marathon.. Some of our audience overheard conversations between parents and their child about the importance of recycling and using plastic in moderation. Others had many questions of the relationship between the music, dance choreography!” she added.

“We were glad to spark so many of these questions and more than happy to answer them at the end of each set! It was definitely an exhausting day, but we’ve recovered and already looking forward to the coming Sunday!”

Catch plastiCITY under the Esplanade Bridge nearer to the Esplanade
20th October 2019, 4pm, 6.30pm & 8.30pm

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