The Nanyang Junior College Alumni Band makes its debut performance in their concert tat the Singapore Conference Hall on Saturday, 1st June.

“This is our first standalone band concert that we as alumni of NYJC Band have organised, apart from our usual performance with the main band in the Aureus Experentia series,” said current chairperson, Priscilla Oh.

Made up of working adults with full time jobs and students currently in university, its members have dedicated their precious time in the past few months to commit to practices to make this concert possible.

“It was a big challenge to be organizing our own concert as it is so different compared to being a band leader back then. We were truly able to understand and appreciate in detail all the time and efforts the band teachers in charge and band directors have put in for every concert. I am extremely proud and honoured to be able to do this together with my batchmates, seniors and juniors of so many generations. Everyone is very willing to play a part whenever help is needed and it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the participation of every single member.”

Under the baton of conductor Mr Brando Tan, the band will perform ‘Sound of Music’ arranged by Naohiro Iwai, and ‘Armenian Dances Part I’ by Alfred Reed, which was previously performed by the main band in Limelight 2011 and SYF 2017. The band will also feature its long time alumnus Mr Ramu Thiruyanam as soloist, with ‘Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra’ by Nathan Daughtrey.

The NYJC Symphonic Band will also make a guest appearance with conductor Mr Gavilian Neo.

“This concert is a celebration of the 13 years that Mr Brando Tan have been with the band and we would like to take this chance to wish him the best in his future endeavors. Anyone who has ever talked to him or seen him would have felt his infectious energy and fiery passion in making music. We are forever grateful for the journey he has brought us on and we know that making music will always be be a part of his life and ours.”

“There is a glowing pride to see what the school and the band has achieved after all these years and we will really like to thank the all the people who, more often than not, are taken for granted.”

The meaning behind the concert’s title ‘Roots – 饮水思源’ is based on the Chinese idiom which loosely translates as ‘Thinking of the source of water as one drinks it’. The 4 characters are carved onto a stone which sits at the entrance of the school.

“We hope to set an example to show that for many generations, the Nanyang band spirit carries on even after graduation and have left our alma mater – to always know your roots.”

“And for the good music, the good values and the good memories we have gained, we are tracing back to our roots and are grateful for all Nanyang has given us – undying support from principals, teachers and our fellow NYJCians.”


Written By Editor

A contributing editor at TBP.