Chloe Lee Jiapei
Ramirez Lian Kylie Perante

President & Vice-President
Broadrick Secondary School Concert Band

Our band journey has never been an easy one. We would often feel like giving up or quitting due to the countless challenges we would frequently face.

This is especially so for both of us, serving as presidents from 2018 to 2019. After our seniors graduated and left, we were entrusted with the task of maintaining and improving the band’s standard. This was definitely a challenge for us as we have never experienced leading a team of people before. We had to also ensure that each band practice session goes on smoothly. It was demanding but with the guidance of our band teachers and instructors, we were able to learn and lead with confidence.

The band room is our safe haven; our second home. We can still remember the times we would rush to the band room, even after a long and tiring day of lessons. We would eagerly set up our instruments before the start of each practice session. Although we were exhausted, the band practices gave us the motivation to keep on going. It was a mental escape from homework and revision papers; a place where we could relax and express our emotions through music.

For us, band is not just a CCA, it is our family: a place where we felt loved and cared for. Our seniors never gave up on us. They would constantly return to help and support us whenever we had any issues, not only in band but in our school work as well. The bond we have built together with our members went beyond the band room, as we would often spend time together even after band practice. The support and encouragement we got from each other, as well as our school leaders and teachers, also helped us to persevere on.

Broadrick Band has given us unconditional love. Through the tears and the laughter, we definitely grew together as a family.

Our teachers and the school management were the ones whom we can fully trust and rely on. Without them, we can’t imagine things going so smoothly for the band. Even a million ‘thank you’ are not enough to appreciate their support in us, which have played an important role for the band.

Finally, this band journey would never be complete without our Instructor, Mr Yeo. He has taught us valuable lessons on how to be resilient and to value discipline, as well as moral values that we could apply in our lives! He has truly inspired us and we are most thankful for that.

Our band is here today because everyone of us have put in our best efforts to make the dream work. The journey was not an easy one, but the obstacles were certainly worth facing because of our band family.

To the future SYF participants, remember that nothing comes easy. As long as you put your heart and soul into the things you do, you’ll be able to reach your goals. Commitment and perseverance is extremely important. For the next SYF, we hope that everyone would seize the moment and trust one another. Never doubt your own capability and remember that each and every person plays a pivotal role in this band family!