Nur Amirah Illyana Binte Hussein

Band Major
Anderson Military Band

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the bands who performed at this year’s SYF. I’m sure that everyone has put in their best efforts and has enjoyed the process of the events.

As the band major of Anderson Military Band, I would like to share our band’s journey towards this year’s SYF.

Beyond taking care of individual music stands and scores, Anderson Military Band grooms each member, also known as AMoeBa, to be a leader. Like a minute and insignificant unicellular amoeba, every humble little AMoeBa is a treasured individual with its own specialty and talent. It has to be groomed and glorified.

United to work as a band, each individual functions swiftly and quickly with a sense of urgency and purpose. Each member is trained as a leader with their own uniqueness and talent. Being able to take individual responsibility and contribute to work for the betterment of the whole band is the ultimate aim of each member.

Throughout our band career, we stay rooted to the “Five aspects of a good leader”. We learned about being Caring, Responsible, Committed, the Respect of self and others, and Confidence.

Our band practices are conducted by sitting in a circle so that we are able to observe and listen to every member. This heightens our awareness of what is happening around us and the music we play. We can then discuss on how to improve by pointing out to each other our shortcomings.

Sitting in a circle allows for easy interaction. Every member participates actively and contribute ideas with a common goal. Given the platform to voice, it curbs mental inhibitions and develop confidence in us. Adopting a senior-junior buddy system, our members get into pairs where they listen and look out for one another.

In class, with a topic in mind, our conductor Mr Lester Lim will spend hours explaining concepts to the band. With the use of real-life examples and analogies, our members are trained on critical thinking and debate to understand the concepts. When the topics get too complex, buddy system discussions are necessary. Time will be put aside for discussions between pairs so as to get members to proactively participate and think.

We grew up thinking and working on our feet – analyse before we take actions on the work we do. As a result, we become more mature and efficient in our work.

We have very good teachers in charge who guide us along in our band work too! Whenever we face problems, irregardless of discipline, administrative or technical issues, we solve them with guidance from the teachers.

I’m glad to be in a band that is like a harmonious family. The conductor and teachers never pressure us to win or achieve distinction. I guess the emphasis on empowering our members to be great human beings taught me to become a useful person.

I hope I’ll be able to use my knowledge as a band leader to help people in future; not to mention the joy of music making and the many friendships I built all these years both locally and internationally. Afterall, the purpose of a band is to foster teamwork and individual responsibility while enjoying music.

I wish all future band members all the best and that band activities will continue forever!