Joshua Liu Kai En

Band Major
Anglo Chinese School Barker Concert Band

My journey in the Anglo Chinese School Barker Concert Band has been packed with excitement and fulfillment. I have made many new friends over the few years I had in the band.

When I first joined the band, I was greeted with warm and inviting smiles from my seniors. They helped me overcome the challenges I faced when started playing the Euphonium. They did not give up on me and supported me with encouraging words when I was feeling inadequate to play the instrument.

The second year followed and I was asked to be a Quartermaster. It was my first time taking up a position and I was very clueless. Luckily, there were my seniors and friends who taught me how things should be done.

My third year then passed by really quickly and I have learned many new instruments such as the Bass Clarinet, Saxophone and Trombone.

I was also selected to be part of the Exco and become the Band Major. At first, it wasn’t easy as we made a lot of mistakes, but after a while, we became more used to it. It does get harder at times as we had to deal with different situations and people. However, our conductor Mr Wong taught us many helpful tips and tricks to overcome our obstacles. Through these challenges, I forged deep relationships with the people I was working with and learned the value of teamwork and commitment.

Finally it was time for us to hand over the leadership to the next batch of student leaders. During this period, I was given the opportunity to train the new Secondary 1 students. I tried to be a good role model like my seniors before me who had motivated and guided me. It was rewarding to see how each of the new members developed as better people and better musicians during the short time I spent with them.

Overall, my time in band has been a fruitful one. I have made many new friends and learned interesting things about music and myself during this entire experience.