Matthew Ho

French Horn Player
Drum Major
St. Andrew’s School Military Band

The SYF experience for my band was an unforgettable and a meaningful one. Spending more than 3 hours a day in the band room has definitely made band a very big part of our secondary school lives (no, we aren’t complaining but we love it!).

Having spent so much time together has drawn us closer, allowing us to forge many precious relationships along the way. These friendships have not only spurred us to play better each time, it has also provided us with support to persevere through the tough times. Although there were disagreements amongst us at times, we learnt how to work better with one another by setting our differences aside to work towards a common goal. These setbacks has taught us the value of unity.

As I step down from band, I would miss the wonderful times spent with my band mates making wonderful music together, spending time after band doing silly things and having lunch together before going for band practices. Even though my band journey has ended in secondary school, I would still definitely go back to help my juniors occasionally and definitely never stop playing the French Horn.

I also want to specially thank three groups of people who have contributed to our success. We would not be where we are today without their support and guidance. Firstly, our Alumni – they didn’t have to, but yet they still took time out of their busy schedules to guide and journey with us throughout this whole period, providing their experiences and help whenever possible; our Teachers – for staying back till late whenever we had rehearsals and giving us all the administrative support; our Conductors, Mr Benjamin Yeo and Mr Tarun Jayaram – the most important figures! They have never given up on us and helped us achieve musical excellence.

It has been a great and wonderful journey that all of us had. I am proud to say that together as one, the band has achieved the Distinction for our SYF.

Up and On!