Jeannie Teo Jun Ning

Assistant Band Major 2018-2019
Queenstown Secondary School Concert Band

My band journey started when I joined Quest Band in 2016. I was pretty excited at the thought of joining a band as I was formerly a band member of my primary school. I still remember my very first performance at the Istana where I was given the opportunity to perform with the band for the public and showcase our music.

My next big performance was the SYF in 2017. Many members struggled during the SYF journey then, but we all persevered and with the help of our instructors, brought Quest Band to a whole new level, where we maintained the Distinction award.

Our next milestone was SIBF (Singapore International Band Festival) in 2018, which was a turning point for all of us. After the seniors graduated, we started to let our guard down and the band gradually started to fall apart. We were given the bronze award for our music. From the experience, many of our members wanted to give up as they were disappointed even after so much time was sacrificed.

With the tiny little hopes we still held on, we began our 2019 SYF journey. We began this journey from square one as we had to rebuild our foundations. This SYF journey has allowed me to view more things from different perspectives. As a leader, I had to consider all the members’ feedback and put them together on how to improve our music as well as the welfare of our members.

Beginnings are never easy. We had to put in a lot of hard work and determination to get back on track. After many tiring practices, we started to build up momentum and strived for the best in both our music and characters. During this journey, we were under the care and guidance of our conductor, Mr Jack Lim. Many of the members demonstrated resilience and practiced the excellence mindset in the face of difficulties while trying to be on par with the other members.

From the setbacks, we have forged closer bonds by working together to push one another beyond our limits. This allowed us to become much stronger mentally and physically, which taught us to become better learners. Even though many of us were doubtful of our skills, we still gave it our 101%.

Before we went on stage, I personally felt half tensed and half calm. It was nerve wracking when it was finally the day for us to showcase our work. While playing both pieces, I recalled the times I’ve spent with my fellow bandmates and the tough times we have been through together. When we eventually played the last note, I finally understood the meaning of “With passion, we can succeed,” which is Quest band’s motto.

As we stepped out of the concert hall, many members broke down into tears. Some, at the thought of leaving the band; others, at the thought of accomplishing something with their second family. Even our vice principal had shed a tear from hearing our music on stage.

I am very proud of how far we have come as a family. In the next few days, I couldn’t help but think of how much time we have spent together, which has created so many fond memories that will always have a special place in my heart.

Quest band has done it once again! We were awarded the Certificate of Distinction.

With this, I can finally conclude my journey in Quest band.