Jennica Lin

Band Major
Beatty Concert Band

Like many others, my band journey started back in 2016 when I was a secondary one student. I remembered vividly how impressed I was after hearing the band’s performance put up by our alumni during CCA Open House and that was when I decided to join band.

During my first year in the school, everything was new to me. Adapting to new environment, new teachers, new classmates and new CCA was definitely a challenge. Though it took me awhile to get used to my new school, I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and getting to know new people. However, just when I thought I had finally settled in, I had to adapt to changes again.

In 2017, because of the merging of schools, my peers and I not only had to adapt to the changes in school but also in band. Many major changes, such as a switch in band cultures – from military band to concert band and change of conductors, has caused the band to slow down tremendously in its progress. In spite of the differences, with the help of the teachers and conductors, everyone came around very quickly to build up the band again. Everyone tried their best to foster new friendships and create a close-knit relationship with each other. This has helped the band to pull through this period of transformation together. Through this, my takeaway is clear. Staying united is the most important thing for a band to function and succeed as one.

When I was appointed as the band’s leader, I was having mixed feelings. On one hand, I felt uneasy because my secondary 4 seniors had stepped down and was afraid that the current band members won’t recognise me as their new leader. On the other hand, I also felt excited because I had so many goals planned out for the band. Together with our new conductoress, Ms Jacintha Tan and the rest of the committee, one of the small goals set was to create a platform to perform for our school leaders, teachers, family members, alumni and friends, to thank them for their support towards the band and we succeeded. ☺

After our very 1st successful year-end concert, we then discussed and set another common goal: to achieve the highest possible award for SYF. In order to achieve our goal, we constantly pushed each other to work hard and give our best. We worked on improving our discipline level as a band and also on parts that we had not perfected.

Like what Mr Lee Jinjun’s open letter to all band members has stated, “No matter what the result any of us gets, never forget band has always about being a family making music together.” Although we have only achieved Certificate of Accomplishment in this year’s SYF, I am sure all of us have gained more than a certificate. We have gained a once in a lifetime experience, forged lifelong friendships and was given the opportunity to make music together as a family. We have definitely developed “Esprit De Corps”, our band’s motto through this SYF journey.

Lastly, we are all especially thankful to our conductors Ms Jacintha Tan and Mr Ong Yeow Tong who have stick by us through thick and thin and our Teachers in-charge and alumni who have encouraged, believed and helped us in one way or another.

In a nutshell, band is truly a place where it brings out the best character in me. I am very proud and thankful to be able to have led an awesome band like Beatty Concert Band.