Yeo Zhi Ren

Euphonium Player
ACS Barker Band

Band has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. One can say it’s even in my blood. It has been a long and wonderful journey with my Euphonium.

Looking back, I can say that band has given me more education than any books have. I have learnt the art of discipline, thanks to this band journey. To be honest, I am not very disciplined in the things I do. My mum and my teachers would gladly testify to it.

However, everything changed when I want to band. Little by little over the years, I realized that I became more disciplined and committed. Initially, it was only towards band events. I would only work hard to anything related to band because we were made to. However, when it is obvious that the discipline produce fantastic results in band performances, I instinctively understood the importance of discipline.

I remember myself as a little nobody, as I will usually take a backseat when it comes to groups. It was band that gave an opportunity to grow out of that non-belief. Thanks to band, I am a section leader. I never believed that I could ever do this job. I believed I have ground into the job and it had made me a better person. I thank the band for giving me an opportunity to grow in leadership which may not have happened otherwise. Am I a wonderful leader now? I doubt it but I have definitely learnt something here.

SYF practice started since last July. I remember with pain the disappointment of an ‘accomplishment’ two years ago. Somehow, that low point gave my friends and myself the strength to dig in deeper and try harder. We were also guided by our wonderful conductors and teachers that helped through our mistakes.

From the last SYF experience, I learned that failure is never the end and in fact is the reason to work harder to get the result we received this time. Band has taught me that to achieve excellence, we need to put in a lot of hard work and commitment. Now that I have seen the result of the 8 months of efforts, I can apply this lesson in my life today and in the years to come. The friendship that I made with my fellow band members is simply amazing; they are truly my band of brothers with whom I have sweat, cried and laughed with.

Personally, this distinction is the biggest achievement of my life and I’m glad to achieve it with my band of brothers. I believe I can carry on singing the praises of the band for it has greatly impacted my life. I know that I am very fortunate to have found the band and been in it for such a long time, especially in this instant noodle world. I know that it is band that given me the ability to stay anywhere important for a long time.

Thank you very much and I thank all the teachers that helped me throughout the years, growing from strength to strength. The best is yet to be!