With both the audience and the orchestra members in mind, The Youth Musicians Foundation Orchestra (TYMFO) plans its performances a year in advance.

Its upcoming concert on Sunday, “The Altered State of Mind“, sees the orchestra take on Hector Berlioz’s monumental Symphonie Fantastique. Conducted by Alvin Seville Arumugam, TYMFO will also present two young local violinists, Kim Kyu Ri and Joey Lau, in Bach’s Concerto for 2 Violins in D minor.

“The Orchestra covered orchestral staples like Beethoven’s symphonies last year. These works are must-dos for young orchestras and for the growth of the orchestra and its musicians, two such works were performed, coupled with common opera overtures and concertos,” said Tarun Jayaram, TYMFO’s orchestra manager.

“This year, the Orchestra has chosen to perform Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique to continue building its audience and to challenge its musicians,” he continued.

While the orchestra continues to bring concerts to audiences who are musically inclined, it has also engaged in efforts to promote classical music to the general public, in a bid to ensure that it remains relevant to the young listeners.

“We have taken to the streets to create buzz about classical music and to understand one part of our target audience: those who do not regularly listen to classical music. The Orchestra has released two videos to date and looks forward to reaching more ordinary members of the public to break common stereotypes that classical music is only for the ‘atas’ and un-appreciable.”

“TYMFO also aims to produce curated shows which feature a portion in which the Music Director will explain, with the aids of live demonstration by the Orchestra, the themes, ideas and the inspirations encapsulated within the work to be performed,” Tarun explained.

The Altered State of Mind
The Young Musicians Foundation Orchestra

12 November (Sunday)
Victoria Concert Hall, 5pm

Tickets available from https://www.ticketbox.sg/thealteredstateofmind


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