For the first time, the Maha Bodhi School Alumni Band will be performing in Esplanade’s Beautiful Sunday series today afternoon.

As the series usually feature homegrown music groups such as community bands or orchestras on a rotational basis, it is rare that an alumni band gets to be featured this time.

“The opportunity that Esplanade gave us to perform is very eye opening, and the collective effort of the band while preparing for this event was very motivating for me. I learnt a lot from the practices and am very glad to be part of the band for this event,” said Carey Tan, batch of 2015.

In coincidence with Children’s Day, the band under the baton of resident conductor Yeo Jie Yuan, will present a selection of kids favourites, such as Beauty and the Beast, Doraemon, Lion King, and Shrek Dance Party.

“As a primary school alumni band, we have musicians ranging from 13 to 30 years old. This performance is a huge honour and most importantly, a monumental breakthrough for us,” said Ng Gim Kai, chairman of Maha Bodhi School Alumni Band.

“Although the performance date falls within the exam period for our secondary school members, they attended our practices none the less. I have the deepest respect and gratitude for them, and our other members for their sacrifices to make this performance a successful one.”

Beautiful Sunday: Soundtracks of Our Childhood
Maha Bodhi School Alumni Band

8 October (Sunday)
Esplanade Concert Hall, 3pm

FREE Admission

Admission is free and on a first-come, first-served basis, please come early by 2.15pm to avoid disappointment. 


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