After celebrating more than a decade of music-making with over a dozen public performances, Raffles Winds is charting its vision for the next lap with their 11th installment of Coda, titled “Throwback!”.

Comprising alumni from Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), Raffles Institution (RI), and Raffles Junior College (RJC), Raffles Winds (RWinds) was initiated in 2001 by a group of RJC Symphonic Band fresh graduates, who wanted to continue sharing the joy of music with others.

Since then, the Raffles Winds has grown to include individuals from various age groups and walks of life, who come together to appreciate, practice, and perform music.

“We have renewed our emphasis on nurturing, promoting and supporting the development of a vibrant music culture in the wider Singapore community. We hope to foster interest in music amongst the community by exploring collaborations to bridge societal gaps and bring different groups together through music,” announced Melissa Ong, RWinds’ current president.

This year’s concert will feature the theme of inclusivity, with staff and volunteers from the ‘Daughters of Tomorrow‘ and ‘Superhero Me‘ initiatives joining as part of the audience.

Through the programme booklet, the band hopes to raise awareness and share more about these initiatives with concert-goers. They are also planning a potential collaboration with ‘Superhero Me’, which will allow them to explore using music to bring people together in community spaces, and encourage greater interaction amongst different segments of the Singapore population.

“When we started Raffles Winds, we were keenly aware that we were part of a privileged group. We recognised that not every student would have the opportunity to be exposed to music, or having little to no music background, be taught how to play a music instrument. Having benefited from these experiences as well as the the joy of making music together in a symphonic band, we wanted to share this with others.”

“The wonderful thing about music is that it transcends languages and boundaries. People don’t need to speak the same language or share the same background to enjoy music. Performing or listening to a piece of music engages both the mind and emotions. Music is an experience that creates a sense of connectedness and unity; it has also been found to enhance individual health and development. With this understanding, we see it as our social responsibility to share the benefits of music with a wider community,” Melissa continued.

As part of #throwback, RWinds will be playing classics such as ‘Titanic Medley‘, ‘The Sound of Music‘ and ‘Carpenters Forever‘. They will also be performing ‘Pocket Monsters‘, a piece arranged by one of their conductors Darren Sng, which transforms the sounds and music in the popular video game ‘Pokemon’ into an arrangement for a full wind orchestra.

“Inclusivity is an important theme in our efforts as we believe it reflects the kind of society we want to be a part of. We recognize that Raffles Winds would be nothing if not for those around us. We are sincerely grateful for the larger community that has been an integral part of our journey – the many players that have joined us at some point or other, and the members of our audience that have supported us over the years. Our experience with music has reinforced our belief that we can achieve so much more together.”

“Hence, we hope that through music, we can foster a more inclusive society that develops shared aspirations and seeks to build a common future together.”

CODA XI: Throwback!

27 August (Sunday)
Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Tickets available from


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