A subset of Xin Saxophone Quartet, the Xin Saxophone Duo was formed in 2016 by two professional Singapore saxophonists Michellina Chan and Alexis Seah. They will be presenting a full recital this coming Friday at the Sinfonietta Hall of Forte Musicademy.

“Michellina and I did a performance back in Melbourne last October; we then explored the idea to do a full programme this year, hence the purpose of this recital,” said Alexis.

With the duo’s debut on Singapore’s influential Mediacorp Channel 8 television program, Star Awards 2016, it was subsequently invited to perform at the 6th Singapore Saxophone Symposium and at a lecture-recital in the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, entitled ‘Paganini Lost and Found‘. The duo also travelled to Thailand to take part in the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2016.

Friday’s program consists of pieces by Rossé, Morosco, Dubois, Mincek, Telemann, Galente and more, mostly chosen with their aim to bring in more new music and standard repertoire for Duo Saxophones.

“We want our audience to know more about the repertoire for saxophones, which ranges from transcriptions to contemporary music. We feel that the programme this year has a fresh combination of easy listening music, to music that will allow people to want to experiment the different effects that the saxophone can offer.”

With Michellina and Alexis heading (in August) to the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Oklahoma State University respectively for their music masters programmes, this recital does not mark the end of their performing stint together.

“Rest assured, Xin Saxophone Duo definitely has big plans to do more recitals and outreach programmes in future. We will always keep the balance between the quartet and the duo, so that we will always have a refreshing mix of ensemble performances.”

Xin Saxophone Duo in Concert
Michellina Chan & Alexis Seah

28 July, Friday
Sinfonietta Hall (Forte Musicacademy), 7.30pm

Tickets: $10
Tickets available from https://goo.gl/forms/HmLgxULAmcPMalIV2


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