Written by Anonymous

It’s barely been hours since our farewell party with our beloved juniors, but somehow it feels as though I haven’t touched my instrument in months or haven’t met my beloved band members in weeks. I still have trouble sleeping, even though I am so physically tired, perhaps because of fear that if I close my eyes, part of the wonderful memories may be diminished and one day I might forgot them all.

While many of the people who used to be in Band often reminisce about their instruments and the pieces that they used to play, it is easy to forget that each piece played by each band has its own story to tell, and certainly for me, it is a story full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and one that I would certainly love to share.

Prior to SYF, we faced many challenges, one of which the lack of balance in terms of our instrumentation. Fast Forward, and you see your 1st Alto Sax player playing the Tenor Sax, and your trombonist learning a trumpet. It was truly an example of sacrificing oneself for the greater good and it felt like we were one homogeneous community, like the Mongols who nearly conquered the world, that had potential to be part of something great again. Although we may not achieve satisfactory results in the end, there were no regrets, for everyone knew that everybody had taken the extra step and there were simply things out of our control.

I am not sure if this story will ever be published, and even if it were to be published, how much of the full story would remain but all I wish for is that someday, somehow, this story will be able to reach the hearts of all the people who were part of this huge community. As I feel that I would never be able to fully express my feelings towards the band, I’ve decided it to put it in words and attempt, to the best of my ability, show the world what it means to truly be one band. It was the 1st band experience ever, but definitely to last to ever forget.

And now, I can never be more proud to say that I belong to a family, a unique family with no surname, but rather goes by the name of National Junior College Symphonic Band.