Invited back for a second time, Yuying Concert Band will present their limelight series concert at the Esplanade on 5 July.

Concert highlights include Japanese band works – Gift from the Great Sky and Summer Camaraderie by Satoshi Yagisawa, and Sea of Wisdom by Daisuke Shimizu, as well as, familiar tunes such as Schindler’s List, Shanghai Beach, and Beauty and the Beast.

The Band Post speaks to its leaders, Band Major Sabrina Tan Jia Hui (ST), Drum Major Vanessa Tan Xin Yi (VT) and Secretary Shermaine Ong Shi Min (SO) about the concert preparations.

TBP: How is this limelight concert previous from the first one?

ST: We are now in secondary 4, and this is our last year in band and last performance for the year.

SO: We have more experience now as compared to our first concert when we were juniors of the band. Previously, we did not have a good understanding of our music and had to learn how to sight-read all of them.

Two years forward, we can now sight-read better. We are also in charge of the concert, so we learnt to be more responsible as a leader.

TBP: Why should people be coming to your concert?

VT: Many of our classmates and non-music friends would be going. We want to take this performing opportunity to help them appreciate music better.

Our friends always think that music is just a bunch of random sounds or noise, but we want to use our playing to impress them and leave them with a better understanding.

SO: Our concert will feature some familiar tunes such as Beauty and the Beast. If you have enjoyed the movie, you would enjoy our performance of its soundtracks. Based on our previous concert feedback, it was good, and we hope to maintain our standard or strive to better for the concert.

ST: The music we are playing will appeal to both the young and old!

TBP: How long has the band been practicing for this concert?

Night Practice during June Holidays

SO: Not very long actually because we just had our SYF which we had intensive practices for. We also had a recent break for exams so we had to squeeze practices within a short period of time.

VT: A few months actually. We did try some pieces for limelight during our SYF practices but did not focus on them. We now train through night practices during the June holidays with our alumni band which will also be featured in the concert.

TBP: How ready do you think the band is?

VT: Almost there? We will need to touch up on some parts.

SO: There is always room for improvement. When we play our notes, we have to think about tone production and whether it is making music or noise.

TBP: Who plans the music?

ST: Our conductors plan the music but as leaders we are in charge of the concert. Every section in the band plan gimmicks for the pop songs.

TBP: What advices do you have for your juniors?

SO: It will be a rough journey ahead in band but don’t give up. When you see your success at the end, it is going to be worth all the pain you have been through.

VT: It is common to have conflicts with people in band, but at the end of the day, do put everything aside and try to understand each other better.

ST: You do not have to be afraid and you need to have confidence in your playing.

TBP: After spending four years in band, what is one word to describe Yuying Concert Band?

SO & ST: Family!

VT: It’s a family on a rollercoaster ride.

Limelight Series 2017: Yuying Concert Band

5 July (Wednesday)
Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Tickets: $13 ($1 SISTIC charge)
Tickets available from SISTIC


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