MUSE 2017, an annual concert series by the Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Concert Band, promises to dazzle and satisfy even the fussiest of audience.

With an extensive repertoire including popular tunes such as the emphatic Star Wars and the mesmerising Les Miserables, the band hopes to enthrall the audience with their unique rendition of the evergreen, Over The Rainbow.

“The band has never failed to put up a spectacular performance – be it our alumni concert, LegACy, or our very own concert MUSE. This year will be no exception!” said members of the current committee.

Despite the small strength of the current band, it does not deter them from selecting a few challenging works for the performance. In fact, the band was given a lot of autonomy in the choice of the pieces, and they were chosen because the members wanted the audience to share their joy in playing the pieces they like.

“Pieces such as The Star Wars Trilogy are demanding, but we firmly believe that nothing worth pursuing is without effort. The work itself is highly technical, which stretched us not just musically but psychologically as well. We want to put our abilities to the test and expand our potential, so we can grow as musicians.”

With a lot of positive energy, its members believe that the band is the epitome of passion.

When the band goes through tough times, such as being faced with musically challenging pieces, its members motivate themselves by always looking on the bright side. They take turns to encourage one another, especially when their sections did not play very well during the practices.

By having faith that they will get better with more practice, the members stay together and thrive in band because of their common passion for music.

“The rigour of our band practices can be grueling and easily overwhelming, as it is physically and mentally demanding. However, our passion for music resides in all of our hearts, spurring us on to give more than our best every day.”

“… there’s something magical about all of us coming together to create something that is bigger than ourselves.”

MUSE 2017

Conductor: Alvin Seville

6 June (Tuesday)
Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm

Tickets: $20, $25
Tickets available from


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