Written by Yeoh Lishan (third from right in cover photo) from NUS Wind Symphony

University is the best time to try and learn new things”, so they say. You enter university as a wide-eyed freshmen, excited to heed your seniors’ advice. After all, having been in the same CCA for 4-6 years, playing the same instrument, can get a little mundane.

But having said that, there has definitely got to be an impetus for continuing on in a music programme, despite not being a music major.

For starters, music, or the arts, can enhance “critical thinking” abilities and outcomes. Which is great for the rigour of university education! Being able to continue pursuing music and at the same time developing one’s critical thinking skills, that’s killing two birds with one stone.

Aside from all the tangible outcomes of being involved in music, there is also an intangible aspect to it. Having been in the school’s symphonic band through my secondary school and junior college years, I had to think twice (maybe even thrice) about joining band once again in university.

It was a choice that I made with entirely no regrets.

It’s not easy to imagine or expect what is in store for your university life. The time-management, expectations and stress – it is on a whole new level. Music, however, is and will be a constant. Continuing to pursue music in university allowed me to take breaks amidst a hectic week poring over tutorial questions. It gave me pockets of time to immerse myself in another world.  It gave me a reason to take a break from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of school.

TRIO Camp 2016

Although it meant having to sacrifice nights to attend rehearsals, I had gained so much more. Being involved in music at the university level exposed me to an array of music genres I would have never come into contact with. My technicality was stretched far and beyond what I thought was my limit. I made friends, whom I can play music with and share my secrets with, I got to know band seniors who shared tips and constantly encouraged me through the university life, beyond project mates whose companionship lasted perhaps slightly more than a semester.

Beyond performing with the band, I even had opportunities to work on projects with fellow arts lovers from other arts groups, such as the Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Chinese Orchestra, Dance Ensemble, etc expanding my horizon and understanding into the arts .

In a camp unlike any other, TRIO CAMP was the first “beyond band” music camp that I had participated in and eventually co-organised with fellow leaders in Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band. Bringing together musician from three music groups – NUS Wind Symphony, NUS Jazz Band and NUS Symphony Orchestra, Trio Camp is the reason for the close knit ties between musicians alike. Besides the usual fun and games that most camps offer, Trio Camp also allows participants to take part in music masterclass held by renowned musicians, experience playing in the three music groups, and attend music workshops. Faculty members of Trio Camp 2017 includes Mr Lim Soon Lee (NUSSO), Kam Ning, A/P Ho Hwee Long (NUSWS), Mr Francis Tan (NUSWS), Mr Tan Chin Boo (NUS Jazz Band) and many more!

Join me in this journey in adding vibrancy to your university life!

Date: Friday to Sunday, 30 Jun- 2 Jul 2017
Location: Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, NUS
Cost: $35 (early bird sign up before 30 May) |$40
(Accommodation in UTown hostel will be provided)

Sign up right away at: www.bit.ly/TRIO2017 !
To find out more about Trio Camp, head over to: https://www.facebook.com/NUSTrioCamp


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A contributing editor at TBP.