Wendy Lim (Singapore)

Pei Cai Concert Band
ITE Concert Band

My band journey is like culinary; lots of spices here and there – sweet, bitter, sour, spicy. Name them. We’ve all been through it, to gain the experience and be where we are right now.

In actual fact, I disliked the start of my band journey.  There was the feeling of not being able to play a single thing on the scores – not being able to read anything, and not being able to be part of the fun in the bandroom; I really hated it.

And then there was this incident where my non-band friends were beside me, and have never seen an instrument before. So I decided to let them try out while waiting on a rehearsal for a school event. My assistant conductor then came over and reprimanded me in a very loud manner, and I resented band even more.

I then decided to quit because of the negativity in me. However, thanks to a certain band teacher-in-charge, I thought of making a change. I stopped thinking about giving up or quitting, but focused on making myself better. At that time, I felt really motivated and my schedule started to revolve only around school and band.

I did not believe in my abilities, but was soon given a role in the band as a Quarter Mistress (QM). It was unexpected but I had wonderful seniors who mentored and taught me about what to do. Anybody who was/is a QM should be able to understand the work scope and the bitterness in it!

Then I went on to become a Band Major (BM), and I was very excited that I am able to make a difference to the band. I would like to thank everyone who made my dream possible, and for giving me a chance despite my bad past (The past shall never hinder you from getting better!).

Things however were not that smooth for me, such as taking the band for warm-ups when I had no clear idea of how things had to be done. Of course, I was lectured at by my conductor for being incompetent but I moved on and strive to be better.

I went ahead and join a community band with some of my band mates and it was awesome. To be able to perform on a different stage, a different atmosphere, a different ambience; what else could I ask for! I was so excited yet nervous at that time, but I had so much fun and memories from the experience.

Up till now, I’m still in touch with music. I’ve once told myself that I will definitely give up music when the future comes, but I have already played music for 7 years, and it does not look like it will end yet.

I really want to express my gratitude to every single person who have made me where I am, enjoying music and playing together with everyone else. Things would’ve been worse, if you guys didn’t come along. Thank you very much.

I love music! Let’s rock on with music!