Teo Kay Min (Singapore)

Woodgrove Secondary School

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Concert Band
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Alumni Band
West Winds

My music journey began when I was in secondary school. I remembered my choice of instrument was the Double Bass but as there was only one instrument and two students (me and my friend) who picked it, my conductor suggested my friend to play it as he is taller and it will fit him more, and then recommended me to pick Tuba as it is somewhat similar.

From 2006 on, it had been a decade with music. Every time I play my instrument, I find something new and interesting. Learning, for me, will never end and I appreciate everything I have learnt so far as well as the teachers and friends I have made since I began my journey. I have discovered more about myself, and learned to appreciate various different art forms, not just music.

In my opinion, being a musician is very different from being an instrumentalist. I constantly remind myself that I should always try to become someone who can perform music and bring the music I know, hear or imagine, to the audience. I am very lucky to have opportunities to perform in various settings, from duets to big ensembles like symphonic bands and orchestras.

Thanks to these musical experiences and opportunities, I have learnt that having some musical ideas or imaginations are very important to one’s performance as a musician. Every group is different and the requirements to bring out the musical ideas also vary. Hence, being a musician is not a simple feat as it requires long hours of smart practice and to listen to many recordings for music exposures.

I treasure all the musical adventures I have embarked on so far! If I were to state one favourite memory, it would be my first public performance in 2006, at Singapore Conference Hall with my secondary school band as a junior band member.

I would like to mention the first conductor I know, Mr Andy Sim. I fondly remember the times where he often share with the band his music and life experiences. Somehow along the way, I became very interested in music and eager to further my musical knowledge to know more about my instrument. If you are reading this Mr Sim, thank you for ‘spotting the music side of me’ and and thank you for the music!

When I was at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), I remembered it was quite a huge jump in musical standards and repertoire level in the band. I am forever thankful to the conductor of the band, Mr Tan Aik Kee, who was very patient and always pushing band members to strive for music excellence. I had a chance to take up leadership positions in the band and learnt a lot through that platform. It was not an easy band life but the environment made it awesome to cope with and thus I am thankful for all the fun times and people in the NP Band Family.

I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me, coming to some of my performances and being very understanding when I often create noise with my instrument at home.

I am currently still involved in music as I joined a local community band and so that I can continue to perform and reach out to the community via musical ways.

Lastly, I am grateful that there are many people who helped me in my journey so far, be it musically or sharing with me values of life… I would not have been what I am today without the help of all of you, so Thank you/谢谢/Terima Kasih/நன்றி!