Khaliq Athari (Singapore)

Springfield Secondary School Band
ITE Concert Band

It all began in 2012 when I was a Secondary one student in Springfield Secondary School. I was looking for a suitable CCA and that is when my school band was recruiting participants for SYF of Display Bands. Before I decided to sign up, I had already found the band to be very entertaining and enjoyable to watch from their performances at the CCA Orientation.

The drumline brought the band’s performance to life with their awesome drum segments, and the band marched in a very disciplined manner, with good drill-work along with the colour-guards waving their flags and props. What impressed me the most was the Drum Major, who led the band with amazing mace-work and posture.

Their fantastic performance made me thought about what it is like to be one of them, where I can become a disciplined member of the band and a musician who can participate in a physical activity while playing my instrument.

And that is how I began the journey of my band life.

I took part in the SYF (Display) as a pit percussionist member and we obtained Bronze along with the Best Drum Major Award. It was a great feeling for me and a turning point of my life as it was not an easy feat going through the ups and downs under the hot sun. I learnt about music and bonded with my section, but most importantly, I learnt a lot about myself.

Ever since my first SYF, I worked very hard trying to get better as a percussionist and the process was slow but worth it. My dream came true when I was promoted to be in the Drumline (battery) and we continued to add “life” into the band’s performances through a wide range of playing styles.

The 2014 SYF (Display) was when my abilities were tested in a range of precision marching, being focused in performance with the band and watching the conductor for tempo. Training was very tough and hectic because as marching musicians, we need to be able to work on the field for more than 8 hours each day. With heart and soul, we obtained the “Certificate of Accomplishment” which is equivalent to Silver along with the “Best Music Award” of Category A. It was an amazing experience where I relived my first SYF moments, and this road from training to the actual SYF day made up the BEST memory I had to date.

Since then, I continued to practice hard and have since got better in my playing. As I did not wish to stop my journey (it is already part of my lifestyle), I joined the concert band in ITE College Central to play music at a higher level. It allowed me to meet more musicians which helped to influence and develop my musicality and the importance of teamwork in band.

Currently, I am a year one percussionist in ITE Concert Band and an alumni of my alma mater band. My dream is to make the best out of myself through working with peers, and also to get better at what we do, in order to promote music and marching arts as an enjoyable form to the society.

My eventual goal is to hopefully join the SAF Band during National Service, and also become part of the international organisation “Drum Corp International” where DCI groups from around the world travel to USA to compete and the Open and World class divisions.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends for their love and support, as well as my instructors for making me what I am today as a musician. I hope that my band journey will continue and I will be able to achieve my dreams and bring success to not only myself but to my family and friends.