On 12 March, members of the Maha Bodhi School Alumni Band (MBSAB) came together to conduct a SYF demo session on 12 March for both the Maha Bodhi School Band (MBSB) and the Bendemeer Primary School Concert Band.

Organized by MBSAB on a biennial basis, the purpose of the demo session is to aid the current band members in their preparation for the SYF, by performing their set and choice pieces. By doing so, it is hoped that the band members can improve on their playing techniques and styles by learning from their seniors.

Prior to the demo, MBSB has already been receiving mentorship from section principals of MBSAB on a weekly basis since the start of the year. By drawing on observations conducted during the coaching sessions and conductor opinions, the MBSAB rehearse on five Friday evenings to address these issues so that they can demonstrate the desired interpretations to their alma mater counterparts in the demo session.

According to MBSB resident conductor, Mr Quek Boon Hui, the demo session also gives the band members a better understanding of the pieces that they are playing and enables him to better explain his musical expectations of the pieces.

“I believe that the the band members from both schools had learnt and benefited from the demo session in one way or another. I also hope that the band members had gained a better understanding of the pieces they are playing, and will work harder to improve themselves,” he concluded.

The Band Post wishes the participating schools all the best for the upcoming SYF Arts Presentation 2016.


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