Hosted by the Recreation Bureau, Department of Physical Education, Ministry of Tourism & Sports, the Thailand International Royal’s Trophy Band Competition 2016 was held from 5th to 10th January in Bangkok, Thailand.

The structure of the competition is split into four parts, namely,

  1. Marching Show and Display Division: Display (International Open Class, Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D) / Marching Street Parade / Military Marching Competition
  2. Concert Band Division (Open Class, Class A, Class B)
  3. Drum Dual (Division 1 / Divison 2)
  4. Individual & Ensemble Division (Woodwind Solo, Brass Solo, Chamber Wind, Drum Major Mace)

Under the concert band division, the Class A and B are only open to school bands (Class A being the highest level), while the Open Class has no age limit.

Each band has to perform 3 pieces in 40 minutes, which is made up of a set piece, a selected piece from a group of pre-chosen repertoire, and their own choice piece.

It is noted that all the bands in the competition have chosen the same select piece.

Set piece
HANUMAN” from Ramayana story by Thai Composer Jinnawat Mansap

Selected piece
Fatherland” by Pirun Jehwong

Adjudicator Panel
The adjudicators for the entire competition (across all parts) are,

Concert Band Competition / credits Thailand International Royal’s Trophy Band Competition 2016 FB page

Concert Band Competition / credits Thailand International Royal’s Trophy Band Competition 2016 FB page

Mr. Nipatdh Kanchanahuta
Mr. Paopan Amnatham
Mr. Michael Gaines
Mr. Pirun Jehwong
Mr. Albert Lo
Mr. Jinnawat Mansap
Mr. Gary Markham
Mr. Apivut Minalai
Mr. Vanich Potawanich
Mr. Kristopher Quaale
Mr. Paul Rennick
Mr. Michael Rubino
Mr. Adam Sage
Mr. Somnauk Sang-Arun
Mr. Michael Stone
Mr. Kasem Thipayametrakul
Mr. Philip White

Marching Display and Show Competition

Marching Show and Display Division


Marching Show and Display Division

Display International Open Class
Winner: Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim, Indonesia
1st runner up: Janokrong Marching Band

Display Class A
Winner: Debsirin Samutprakarn Marching Band
1st runner up: Kanarat bumrung Pathuthani Marching Band
2nd runner up: The Fourth Munoicipal School

Display Class B
Winner: Benchamaracharungsarit
1st runner up: ChanPradittharam Wittayakom Marching Band
2nd runner up: Pomnakarach Marching

Display Class C
Winner: Samutprakan Marching Band School
1st runner up: Buddhachinnaraj Pittaya Marching
2nd runner up: Phibunmangsahan Marching Band

Display Class D
Winner: Anuban Taksin Bangkai International School
1st runner up: Banmaptaput School
2nd runner up: Prakanongpittayalai Marching Band

Marching Street Parade
Winner: Chonkanyanukoon School
1st runner up: Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim, Indonesia
2nd runner up: Saparachinee trang School

Military Marching Competition
Winner: Mathayom Watsing
1st runner up: Surasakmontree School Brass Band
2nd runner up: Watrajabopit Concert and Marching Band

Concert Band Division

Concert Competition Class A
Winner : Suranaree Girls Winds Symphony
1st runner up : Ratwinit Bangkaeo Wind Symphony
2nd runner up : Rajavinit Matthayom Symphonic Band

Concert Competition Class B
Winner: Horwang School Wind Ensemble
1st runner up: Attawit Commercial Technology College
2nd runner up: Satri Wat Rakhang Wind Band

Concert Competition Open Class
Winner: RTAF Wind Symphpny
1st runner up: Bangkok Wind Orchestra

Drum Dual

Division 1
Winner: Udomsuksa Drumline
1st runner up: Bangkok Society Drumline
2nd runner up: Marching Band Bontang Pupuk Kaltim, Indonesia
3rd runner up: Zoonteen Drumline by Surasakmontree

Division 2
Winner: “8 ROW” By Benchamaracharngsarit
1st runner up: Samutprakan Drumline
2nd runner up: Nongbuadeang Wittaya Mariching Band

Individual & Ensemble Division
Woodwind Solo Winner : กิตติคุณ จันทร์เกษ
Brass Solo Winner : Wongwarit Nipitwittaya
Chamber wind Winner : Facebrass
Drum Major Mace Winner: Prapatsorn Chomthng (TS.5 Marching & Symphony Band)

More information can be found on the Thailand International Royal’s Trophy Band Competition Facebook Page


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