Organised by the Thai Government Savings Bank (GSB), the Symphonic Band Contest is an annual fixture as part of the bank’s outreach program to promote band students to learn, hone their skills to become a professional and have an opportunity to grow in a competitive arena.

The upcoming contest final on 3rd November at the Chualalongkorn University’s main hall will see eight bands in Thailand competing by tape qualification.

These bands include:
1. Satri Watrakang
2. Rajavinit Matthayom
3. Bodin Decha 2
4. Traim Udom Nomklow
5. Assumption Lampang
6. Rajavinit Bangkhew
7. Suranaree
8. Horwang

For the tape qualification, bands need to prepare 4 pieces under a total duration of 30 minutes. The repertoire needs to include two test pieces and two choice pieces.

The two test pieces are a King Song of their choice, and either the  “Thai Government Saving Bank March” or “Sududee Aomsin“, both composed by Mr. Aer Suthornsanan.

The adjudication panel of six includes Dr. Vinai Phanturak, President of Music Association of Thailand,  Dr. Weerachart Premanon, Western music at the Faculty of Arts, Chualalongkorn University, and Sarun Nakrop, lecturer at Kasertsart University.

Other judges include a member of the Thai Navy Band music department, a Thai Government musician officer and an officer from the Ministry of Education.


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