Singapore Youth Festival 2016: Arts Presentation for Band (Primary School Level)

28 March – 1 April, 4 April
Singapore Conference Hall, 9.30-5pm OR 12pm – 8.30pm (pending venue availability)

All entries must be submitted via the SYF Registration Portal between 6 January and 5 February 2016.

8 March 2016 (Tuesday)
MOE Edutorium, Podium Block, Level 4
Ministry of Education HQ Building (1 North Buona Vista Drive), 3-5pm (Registration starts from 2.30pm)

Each school may nominate only two teachers-in-charge per display band subcategory for the briefing session. Please bring your PS card for admission.

Festival Details


  1. No fewer than 24 and no more than 80 students:
    (i) Band (Brass)
    (ii) Band (Concert)
  2. No fewer than 8 and no more than 24 current students:
    (iii) Band (Brass Ensemble): Combination of instruments from the brass section of the brass/concert band
    (iv) Band (Percussion Ensemble): Combination of instruments from the percussion section of the brass/concert band
    (v) Band (Wind Ensemble): Combination of instruments from the woodwinds section of the concert band

A school may participate in up to four sub-categories above. For each sub-category, only one entry is allowed. However, schools may not participate in both Band (Brass) and Band (Concert).

All participating bands (brass and concert) will perform the following in this order:
a. Set piece
b. Choice piece

All participating bands (ensembles) will perform two contrasting pieces of their own choice (e.g. traditional/folk pieces vs. contemporary compositions, or pieces from differing musical styles), and may perform without conductors.

A student representative must be nominated to introduce the pieces presented. This student should preferably be a member of the performing group concerned. This introduction must be kept under 1 minute, and should clearly include the following:

  • Name of school
  • Name of conductor (Where applicable)
  • Title and brief description of performance
  • Student’s key learning through the preparation process

Set Piece

Band (Brass and Concert) only

Future of Tomorrow
Concert March for Wind Band
Composer: Benjamin Yeo

The set piece will be available for collection at no charge from the location below:
26, 27, 28 and 30 October 2015
Arts Education Branch, Block 3, Level 2
Ministry of Education (51 Grange Road), 9am-12pm and 2pm-6pm

Choice Piece(s)
Schools must obtain written approval from the original composer and/or publisher before making any modifications to the choice piece(s) (including changing of key, rearrangements, truncating, etc.), and must e-mail the relevant documents to the officers-in-charge by 8 March 2016.

Five sets of conductor scores for the choice piece(s) must be submitted at the registration desk at the AP venue on the day of assessment concerned. These scores will be returned at the end of each AP session. Uncollected scores will be duly discarded.

For Band (Brass and Concert):
Bands (brass and concert) may not present the same choice piece performed at the SYF 2014 AP for Band.
Electric guitars, electric pianos, synthesisers, organs and all other electronic devices are not allowed.

For Band (Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and Wind Ensemble):
Playing in unison is not encouraged. Solo performances with accompaniment are not allowed. Electric guitars, electric pianos,

Provided Instruments

Standard percussion instruments will be provided. More information will be released at the briefing session.

The hall acoustics will be set at Level 0 during the AP.

For Band (Brass, Concert, Brass Ensemble and Wind Ensemble):
Schools must adhere to the fixed seating plans provided in the SYF Portal.
Preset chairs and music stands may not be moved during the AP. Special requests (e.g. the use of piano) must be made via e-mail to the officers-in-charge by 5 February 2016.

For Band (Percussion Ensemble):
Schools must adhere to the fixed instrumental set-up provided on the SYF Registration Portal.
Preset percussion instruments may not be moved during the AP. Special requests must be made via e-mail to the officers-in-charge by 5 February 2016.


For bands (brass and concert), the choice piece performance must not exceed 6 minutes.
For bands (ensembles), the total performance duration must not exceed 8 minutes.

Five marks will be deducted for any performance exceeding the stipulated time.


Certificate of Distinction ≥ 75.0
Certificate of Accomplishment 60.0 – 74.9
Certificate of Commendation ≤ 59.9

The maximum number of marks that can be deducted is ten marks.
For display bands (categories A and B), the Drum Major of the Year will be presented at the end of the AP.

Post Festival

Results will be published on on 5 April 2016.

Comments by individual adjudicators, along with a report that provides an overview of schools’ performances at the SYF 2016 AP, will be made available to participating schools in May 2016.

Cover photo credits: Xingnan Primary School Brass Band


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