Singapore Youth Festival 2016: Arts Presentation For Band (Display) / Secondary School Level

2 April 2016 (Saturday)
Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2-6pm

All entries must be submitted via the SYF Registration Portal between 6 January and 5 February 2016.

11 March 2016 (Friday)
PARB Meeting Room | Block 2, Level 2
Ministry of Education (51 Grange Road), 3-5pm (Registration starts from 2.30pm)

Each school may nominate only two teachers-in-charge per display band subcategory for the briefing session. Please bring your PS card for admission.

Festival Details


  1. No fewer than 32 and no more than 70 students:
    (i) Band (Display – Category A): Combination of instruments from the woodwinds, brass and percussion sections
  2. No fewer than 71 and no more than 150 students:
    (ii) Band (Display – Category B): Combination of instruments from the woodwinds, brass and percussion sections
  3. No fewer than 12 and no more than 32 students:
    (iii) Band (Display – Percussion Ensemble): Either a combination of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments within the band or a combination of unpitched percussion instruments within the band. A school may participate in both Band (Display) and Band (Display – Percussion Ensemble); or in just one. When it participates in Band (Display), it does so either in Category A or Category B.

A student representative must be nominated to introduce the pieces presented. This student should preferably be a member of the performing group concerned. This introduction must be kept under 1 minute, and should clearly include the following:

  • Name of school
  • Name of conductor (Where applicable)
  • Title and brief description of performance
  • Student’s key learning through the preparation process

Provided Instruments

  • A set of 4 timpani
  • 1 Tubular Bells
  • 1 Marimba
  • 1 Xylophone
  • 1 Vibraphone
  • 1 Gong
  • 1 Concert Bass Drum
  • 1 Drum Set

There will not be any professional timpanist for the purpose of tuning the timpani.
Display bands are allowed to bring additional/other instruments, but all set-up must be within the stipulated time frame.
The list of additional auxiliary instruments and props must be submitted to the officers-incharge by 8 March 2016.
The maximum height of any props is 2.5 metres for display bands (categories A and B).
No props are allowed for display bands (percussion ensembles).


The actual performance must not exceed 10 minutes for display bands (categories A and B) and must be kept between 6 and 8 minutes for display bands (percussion ensembles).
The total time for the performance area set-up, actual performance, exit and take-down must not exceed 20 minutes for display bands (categories A and B) and 15 minutes for display bands (percussion ensembles).


Certificate of Distinction ≥ 75.0
Certificate of Accomplishment 60.0 – 74.9
Certificate of Commendation ≤ 59.9

The maximum number of marks that can be deducted is ten marks.
For display bands (categories A and B), the Drum Major of the Year will be presented at the end of the AP.

Post Festival

Results will be published on on 4 April 2016.

Comments by individual adjudicators, along with a report that provides an overview of schools’ performances at the SYF 2016 AP, will be made available to participating schools in May 2016.

Cover photo credits: Bukit Panjang Government High School Band


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