Daisuke Shimizu is a young Japanese composer who graduated from Showa College of Music in 2002, having studied composition with Yoshibumi Fujiwara.

He has composed for premier bands such as the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Eastern Army Band, Yamaha Symphonic Band, Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band and the Siena Wind Orchestra, as well as for Shintaro Fukumoto, a famous virtuoso saxophonist.

Some of his popular works for wind band include ‘Jasper, ‘Spirit of St.Louis’ and ‘Adventure Tale of Professor Alex’.

The Band Post speaks to Daisuke Shimizu in a short interview about his music.

Do you have a particular style in composing music? Where do you get your influences from in your music?

I do not know yet whether I have a style. However, I know of a habit in my works that I am constantly aware of, which perhaps will become my style someday. I get the influences for my music from American composer, John Williams. It is actually because of him that I wanted to become a composer, so you can say he is a huge influence to my career.

As a brass player, would you say it is difficult to write for woodwinds and percussion in your compositions?

I was a Tuba player in junior high school, high school and a wind band, but majored in piano at the Showa College of Music during my undergraduate studies. The wind instruments and percussion sounds are like an eternal research for me thus my orchestration for my pieces is always evolving.

Some of your music, especially ‘Adventure Tale of Professor Alex’ are very popular in the Asian region recently. How do you feel about that?

I am glad that my works has been played by many bands. I wrote ‘Adventure Tale of Professor Alex’ in 2005 and over the last ten years, I am really blessed that so many great musicians have performed it.

What about your other works such as ‘The Spirit of St Louis’ and ‘Celebrate’ that were published with Beriato Music, and performed out of Asia? 

I feel that it is a good opportunity that the works get published and performed abroad, as they provide me more opportunities to meet up with musicians of the different countries. It is a wonderful experience for me as I can broaden my music sense.

What do you feel is your favourite piece written so far, and why?

I have precious memories in all of my works, so it is difficult to choose a certain piece, especially when I have spent the last 20 years writing all of them. However, there were some occasional feelings or special moments, such as the style that I have been influenced at the time of composing.

The pieces that I feel are more significant include ‘Saxophone Concerto’, ‘Man On The Moon Trilogy’ and recently, ‘Symphony No.1’. These works will remain in my heart for some time as I have spent a much longer time to write each of them.

I also enjoy my rental work – ‘Song of Gaia – Prelude, Dance and Song’, as it is a composition written with a different technique, which is not my usual style.

Are there any advices for young and new composers in the region?

Pursuing a dream may face many challenges and feels like forever… most importantly, it is the inner strength and perseverance that will lead you to success.


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