The Perak Band Instructors Association or PBIA in short was formed on 22 June 2015 as a constituent based non-profit organization serving the needs of Perak school bands and its constituent members.

The birth of PBIA was sparked from discussions of its charter members who attended the 2014 Musical Pathfinder Camp & Concert in Taiping, Perak.

The intent was to draw together band instructors from around the world for the purpose of helping to influence the direction and furthering the cause of good music in school bands development in Malaysia.

PBIA teaches the ability to work with others, nourishes the love of learning, encourages cultural awareness, promotes cooperative flexibility in a communal climate, develops self-discipline, extends understanding among members.

As expressed by the association’s secretary, Mr Lau Meng Yong, “The establishment of PBIA opens up another chapter of band journey in Perak where we will see the curriculum of band development become more structured. We also hope to promote a program for school students to take up the challenge of being a band director after they have completed their secondary school education.”

“Being in the band deals with a measurable set of disciplines, guidelines and wisdom through learning that will support a positive, purposeful lifestyle. Band is one of the few areas in the school activities that supports expression as well as impression,” he continued.

Through its programs, the association seeks to foster a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among band instructors in Malaysia as well as around the world, and also encourage a genuine spirit of professional ethics and maintain a highly professional attitude in its meetings and functions.

It does not aim to replace or overshadow any other existing band associations in Malaysia, but hopes to reach out to all students so they can allow themselves to reap the rewards of music.

“I know we have the most convincing recruitment information available to bring to our bands, and that is ‘Music Creates Successful People‘,” said Lau.

For more information on PBIA, visit them at their Facebook page!


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A contributing editor at TBP.