Haruka Kida (Japan)

Saitama Prefectural Kuki High School

Kuki Municipal Kurihashi-Higashi Junior High School

I am very happy that it was my band journey that made my personal stature and self awareness grow over the years. In the past 6 years, I have participated in band activities in junior high and high school and I have learnt a lot through it. My impression of music and my way of thinking had changed during my band days.

As a junior high school student, I had an opportunity to perform in the National Final of the All Japan Marching Contest. During the band practices, I was conscious of the high ambitions to achieve the qualification for the National Final. When we finally did it, I realized what was it like to attain the goal, and the amount of efforts we had to make. These experiences will be valuable to me in my life.

I can remember the day of the National final contest clearly: the excited atmosphere of the arena, the bright sparkle of my friends’ faces, and the smiles and tear-stained faces of the audiences! At that moment, I learned how strong music can be, especially when it can move the hearts of people. I was also very happy to be engaged in band activities.

In high school, our band members focused our consciousness on the music that we wanted to make. The first step to achieve it was to have our own opinion and responsibility for it. We then learned the importance of cooperation and harmony with band members, and have respect for other members’ opinions and create music together.

Since every member had their own opinion and responsibility, we realized the worth of not only the results but the process of our activities. We really enjoyed playing music, because there were so many of our own ideas and passion in it. Therefore, all the performances in my high school days still remained deeply in my heart.

My friends and teachers whom I have met through my band journey mean so much to me. We were delighted at the growth of ourselves, and we constantly assured it with each other. I feel that it was special for me to have met them.

I graduated from high school last month, and I’m a college student now. I don’t engage in band activities anymore, but music is still important for me. I still want to go to concerts actively, and polish my senses through beautiful music, making full use of my 6-year experience and knowledge in music.

I was motivated by music to achieve an attractive personality and I believe that MUSIC will always continue to be in my life.