Tan Wen Quan
Trumpet / Anderson Junior College

SYF 2011

I am currently a university student and looking back at my SYF in 2011, it reminded me of all the happy and sad memories that we shared as a band. I was from Anderson Junior College Symphonic Band (AJCSB), under the baton of Mr Alvin Seville. These 2 years made up the most exhausting but fruitful and exhilarating band journey I ever had.

Back then, Mr Alvin had very high expectations of us and subsequently, we worked really, really hard for SYF to prove to ourselves that we can produce quality music even though our band is small. Ultimately, we want to achieve the best results and do our school and band proud.

I cannot emphasize how much blood, sweat and tears we put in for central judging. We had practices almost every other day, just to perfect the 2 pieces of music. Apart from sectionals and full band practice, a lot of us sacrifice our free days just to drill on our fundamentals and SYF pieces.

I remembered fondly that I had a playlist in my iPod with only 2 recordings (one set piece and one choice piece). I would listen to it over and over again just to pick out the small details that we may have neglected during sectionals and make sure we do not neglect such details again. Our conductor also did his very best to gel the band together and went to great lengths to push us to our limits and ensure that we do well.

Even though SYF for me is a thing of the past, there are still fond memories that I will never forget. To all the bands competing for SYF 2015, treasure your SYF journey and challenge yourselves to produce better music every day. If you manage to achieve what you aim for, my heartfelt congratulations and do remember to pass down your experiences to your juniors. However, if you get the results that you least expect, do bear in mind that whatever you reap from your learning journey is definitely more valuable than the award itself.

Dare to challenge yourselves in the future and grow stronger from these setbacks.