23 February marks the 80th anniversary of The Band Concert (1935) directed by Wilfred Jackson and adapted music by Leigh Harline. This American animated film was produced in 3-strip Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists.

Needless to say, Walt Disney created one of the most successful animated short films during his lifetime and in his earlier cartoons, he incorporated a lot classical music to bring characters to life instead of synthesised effects which are commonly heard nowadays.

Although it was officially declared as the first cartoon in colour, the Parade of the Award Nominees got that honour in 1932 when it was produced for the 1932 Academy Awards.

Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini was a huge fan of The Band Concert that he watched it six times and later invited Walt Disney to his home in Italy!¹ The Band Concert did not receive any Academy Awards nominations, it has nonetheless become one of the most acclaimed Disney shorts.

¹Neal Gabler (2007) . Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination. USA: Vintage.


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